Video Essay: 10 Best Movie Title Sequences of All Time

The release of movie trailers and teasers are sometimes as anticipated as the actual film itself. They are considered a sacred art form to some movie-goers, just as worthy of popcorns and “shhh”. Another element of films that have their own contingent of fans? Title sequences! A bad or flat title sequence may not totally break a film but a great one will truly elevate it. A new video essay by CineFix gives insightful info on the design of some of the best title sequences in cinema history. Five integral elements are discussed, including typography, graphic design, cinematic imagery, foreshadowing, and animation/CGI. Watch the video below to learn why a film’s title sequence should never be an afterthought and read more about the techniques studied over on No Film School!


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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