"Through Fire & Rain": A Story of Hope & Survival

Only a few short years ago, MaryAnn Anselmo had a promising, successful career under her belt as well as still ahead of her. A headliner at a well known jazz venue in NJ, Anselmo was selling out shows and living her best life. With her loving husband, Joseph, by her side, things were grand. Days later, her son, Dustin, would die unexpectedly. A month later, after being in a major car wreck herself, she would be left with broken bones, no usage of her left vocal chord, and enough strokes that would put her in a coma. MaryAnn’s seemingly perfect life had come to a screeching halt. 


Determined to sing again, Joe’s support would push her to succeed at rediscovering her dream. Unfortunately, the recent devastating streak in MaryAnn’s life proved far from over, rearing its ugly head again. Only a year later, MaryAnn was diagnosed with a high-grade glioblastoma (AKA a late stage brain tumor). She was given only months to live. However, what should have been a death sentence….wasn’t. Her cancer treatment, through the use of precision medicine (therapy tailored to a patient’s genetic needs), is proving that cancer care is transforming and a death sentence doesn’t have to be the only reality. Though MaryAnn's treatments come with some severe side effects, her cancer is now gone. 


While it all seems like a storyline out of a fiction novel, her new autobiography "Through Fire and Rain: Surviving the Impossible with Love, Music, and Precision Medicine" is brutally real. And while that story is often painful to read, her and Joe's spirit and optimism make this narrative a thing of beauty and hope. This is a book about both loss and discovery, built on a strong foundation of unconditional love, faith, music, unwavering dedication and medicine. Suddenly, this becomes a story of survival against all odds - a story that you should absolutely get your hands on. 


Though a first hand account of the bitter battleground cancer creates within a person’s life, the power of MaryAnn and Joe’s perseverance and writing makes this a surprisingly upbeat moral about never giving up in life. It’s no wonder she was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine in March 2015. A few years on and with her cancer under control, MaryAnn is a medical outlier and a pillar of strength for herself, her family and all that will come to read her story. 100% of the proceeds from sales of "Through Fire and Rain" go to www.TheBungalow.org. The Bungalow Foundation is a public charity that helps to fund biomedical precision medical initiatives through grants to post-doctoral and research fellows working in medical, research and academic institutions. Targeted treatments saved MaryAnn's life and now that the (hopefully) hardest part of her story wraps up, it’s only fitting the next chapter is one that will continue to help and inspire others. Read more about "Through Fire and Rain" and make sure to get your hands on a copy of the book now!



Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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