Results for Jim Cummings

  1. Confusion Through Sand 2014NR9 minutes

    Completely animated and hand drawn on brown recycled paper, this dynamic short film brings you into the action and emotions of war in a way you wouldn’t imagine. Via its slightly psychotic, free form animated style, the chaos of the story is so simplistic yet manages to still stay completely captivating. Using such an insane sound design and mix, it’s almost as if you are watching a high budget war film rather than a smaller animation.

    Distributor:  Indie Street, Vimeo
  3. All Your Favorite TV Shows! 2015PG5 minutes

    Anything you wanna watch in the palm of your hands! Crazy convenient. Crazy... Watch as the line between life in front of an iPad screen and behind it blur in this fast-paced, animated meditation on an unhealthy obsession with media consumption.

    Distributor:  Vimeo
  5. Euphonia PG-1353 minutes

    Stale sounds of the suburbs send a teenager out with a sound recorder in search of better ones. Listening with this device he begins to build his own soundscape and drift away from his surroundings. His dependence on the recorder affects his relationship with a charismatic girl and he struggles to re-engage with the world around him.

    Distributor:  Indie Street