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  1. 65 Percent 2017PG50 minutes

    65 Percent provides an intimate look at one family's journey through the most challenging time of their lives. This captivating portrait exemplifies the integral roles that love, selflessness and unity play in overcoming adversity when the future is vulnerable and time is crucial.

    Distributor:  Indie Street, Youtube
  4. Auld Lang Syne 2016PG-1394 minutes

    A New Year's Eve annual cabin get together ends in a chain reaction of truth-telling that promises to destroy the carefully-crafted reality of everyone present. How long is too long to wait for your dream? Can art change the world? Are we all doomed? A film about old friends and artistic passion, Auld Lang Syne is a meditation on the creative class, global warming, and the power of damn fine pie.

    Directors:  Johanna McKeon
    Distributor:  Indie Street
  6. The Past Inside the Present 2016R12 minutes

    Available as an exclusive bundle with behind the scenes videos, concept art, storyboards, directors commentary and more. Just follow the link to sign up via email or the premium bundle to get it all for free! THE PAST INSIDE THE PRESENT follows the allegorical tale of a couple who attempt to renew their dying relationship by plugging directly into recordings of their memories. See how far they are willing to go in order to save their future by watching their twisted journey into the past.

    Directors:  James Siewert
    Distributor:  Indie Street
    Producers:  Chris Skotchdopole
  8. Confusion Through Sand 2014NR9 minutes

    Completely animated and hand drawn on brown recycled paper, this dynamic short film brings you into the action and emotions of war in a way you wouldn’t imagine. Via its slightly psychotic, free form animated style, the chaos of the story is so simplistic yet manages to still stay completely captivating. Using such an insane sound design and mix, it’s almost as if you are watching a high budget war film rather than a smaller animation.

    Distributor:  Indie Street, Vimeo