New Red Bank Mural Celebrates Community + the Arts!

Last summer, for the inaugural Indie Street Film Festival, a new mural popped up in Red Bank on Monmouth St., celebrating film, the arts, the overall feeling of community and the vibrancy of beautiful, arts-centric Red Bank, NJ. Designed by artist Misha Tyutyunik, AKA MDOT, the colorful, eye-catching mural still shines in Red Bank for all to see and admire.

To celebrate the second year of the festival, a new, just as colorful mural has materialized on the Catherine St. wall of Kitch Organic in Red Bank over the past weekend. MDOT returned, creating the design and directing a team of local children and adults to bring his vision to life. However, this piece of community sourced art doesn’t only just promote ISFF: it also celebrates the upcoming Crossing Borders Festival, a 5-day Latino-centric fest at the Two River Theater starting August 2! If you’re all for celebrating local arts and the community, check out more info on Indie Street Film Festival and the Crossing Borders Festival. To see pics of the mural painting fun in action, head to ISFF’s FB page or check out Red Bank Green’s coverage of the event.

Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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