Sometimes you judge a book by its cover. Sometimes you judge a film by its title. And with a short film like “Fill Your Heart with French Fries”, let’s just say: guilty as charged. But can you blame me?! With such an intriguing moniker, I knew there was no way I could be disappointed - and was I ever on point! While “Fill Your Heart with French Fries” may be a grab bag of online millennial references (Instagram, going viral, sponsored apparel, even a buzzfeed shout out!) it doesn’t have the pretentiousness that often comes along with the subject matter. A few minutes in and the film finds that fine balance between being too relevant and becoming timeless. Filmmaker Tamar Glezerman’s story of a break-up and the resulting heartbreak in these modern times of general romantic confusion is hilarious and yet still a quiet, low-key, eye-opening examination of simply being…human.


Based on the true story of a Chinese woman who stayed behind at a KFC for SEVEN full days after her boyfriend dumped her, Glezerman keeps the heart of the narrative but changes a few details. In her rendition, the dumped girl is American, a lesbian and the location is a fictional fast food restaurant named FryBaby's, totally created from scratch! Imagine being too sad to go home, never leaving the confines of a restaurant that prides itself on its fried “cuisine”. And somehow becoming a viral sensation after eating fries for a full week - without a shower or change of clothing. Is this a life low point or a life high point? Well, this is what is beautifully explored in the sad-comedy “Fill Your Heart with French Fries”. Commit to the full 20 minutes of the film (and stay for the surprise credits!) and you’ll be rewarded. A super sized order of comfort watching at its finest, with a side of heartbreak, viral catchiness and of course….fries! 



Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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