Featured Short: Doug Roland's Spirited JADA

Though we saw dozens of short films at the Indie Street Film Festival last summer, there were a few extra special ones that went above and beyond in terms of visual and narrative prowess. Filmmaker Doug Roland’s official selection “Jada” was definitely one of those films that hit it out of the park for us.

The 16-min short tells the spirited and heartfelt story of Jada (Kaycie Bowens), a young girl living alone and scraping by on Venice Beach, selling handcrafted wood people and exploring when, where and what she wants. With an upbeat attitude and glowing personality, it’s hard to see the obvious negativity of her situation. And yeah, well, a solo 7-yr old girl fending for herself - there’s definitely a bigger story hiding here. Yet, despite the initial hidden drama, this little girl beams off the screen, successfully carrying a story that should probably be far beyond her means. This doesn’t feel like the story of a victim. It feels more like one of a survivor. One you want to root for and take care of, but one you also don’t want to tie down.

Roland directs Kaycie Bowens well, placing her silhouetted profile against one of the most gorgeous sunsets/sunrises I’ve ever seen in a film, burning an incredible image into the minds of the audience. This is the image of a powerful spirit, one that can’t be bound. When child services and a mysterious man get involved in Jada's life, we finally get to know a little more about her background. The hidden drama is exposed. When we discover he wants to give her a different kind of chance at life, it’s then that everything becomes complete in a special kind of way. “Jada” seems to present a story that it never intended to conclude in a straight-forward manner. And that is what's perfect about it. Because in the end, I think we know everything will be okay. And if it won’t be okay? Well, that’s the power of a great film: one that leaves you wondering and remembering all the same. As they say in the film, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Everyone gets to their intended destination eventually. Discover Jada’s story and watch Roland’s touching film today!



Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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