Featured Animated Short: THE ITCHING

We’ve all been there. The outsider looking in. Vulnerable, anxious and lost. Will they like me? Do I look okay? Why did I say that? They're all looking at me weird. Everyone hates me. Why did I even bother coming? I’ll be alone forever.

Ah, the semi-familiar downward spirals of questioning, confidence, and identity crisis. Don’t pretend like it hasn’t happened to you, too. Being ourselves while trying to adapt comes at a price - a price we all pay from time to time.

This is where “The Itching” comes in. Director Dianne Bellino and Adam Davies' claymation fairy tale of woodland creatures attempts to follow these scenarios, showing us the story of a shy wolf that wants to befriend a hard-partying, hipster group of…bunnies. Yes, bunnies! Sweet, cooler than you bunnies. However, being a lone wolf amongst a crowd of what you would expect to be dinner morsels isn’t easy. You see, our little lady wolf starts to find that her body is revolting against her environment. In the form of a deep, evolving and desperate itch. Why? That’s up for interpretation. But remember: Facing a crowd that’s different from you is hard. The spotlight is often too hot, too bright, too overwhelming. So, how far will our pretty wolfy go to get rid of her mysterious itch? You gotta watch to find out!

It's also worth saying here that the old school claymation style used is a refreshing marvel. The creatures literally say nothing and yet all the while, silently communicate with their eyes, small movements in their fur, and through slow, long shots of reflection. Bellino and Davies give their characters time to feel and this is how we are drawn in. No words - just what we see and infer. The itching here is both grotesque and beautiful - a swirl of rainbows and confusion. If you don’t feel a bit uncomfortable at some point during the film, the itching effect reaching through the screen and taking hold, then you, my hip little friend, have thick, confident skin.

Either way, get some pointers and watch this fairy tale of vulnerability, acceptance and friendship now on Vimeo! And face it: we’ve all been wolves at a party of bunnies at some point in our lives.


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice


Contributing Writer: Sarah Bex Rice

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