Must See Trailer: Jordan Canning's "Suck It Up"

Slamdance Film Festival is right around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than to start getting better acquainted with the festival’s stellar line-up! One feature we're really anticipating is Jordan Canning’s “Suck It Up”. The film follows the story of two lifelong best friends (played by Grace Glowicki and Erin Carter) as they decide to throw caution to the wind and take a road trip to get through their respective heartbreaks. One just lost her brother. The other? Her first love. Hot off her Short Film Special Jury Award Win for Outstanding Performance at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and with the growing popularity of her short “Her Friend Adam”, Grace Glowicki is definitely a rising star to watch. And why not start watching now with the trailer to “Suck It Up”. Learn more about the film and its premiere over at IndieWire.  

Must See (PURRRfect) Trailer: KEDI

If you’re a cat person, I’m sure you’re familiar with the thousands upon thousands of online cat videos at your disposal. Heck, if you’re a hardcore cat fan you’ve probably seen them all! Sure, bite size viral videos showing cats at their most lovable, their most ridiculous, and their clumsiest are a fun way to pass the time, but what about something with a little more substance? This is where Ceyda Torun’s feature-length debut and ode to all things cats “Kedi” comes in. The documentary zeros in on just a handful of Istanbul’s surplus of street cats, proving that they are much more than a novelty or Youtube video fodder. Through captivating vignettes, Torun brings life to these cats, their human friends and the soul of Istanbul. The film is currently playing in select cities and is continuing to role out nationwide. Check here for screening times/locations and make sure to check out the cuddly, furry trailer below! 

Love/hate the Oscars? Join the party. While we always like to see a bit more flavor and variety in the nominee and winner mix, we can’t deny our affinity for the buzz and excitement that surrounds awards weekend. We are film lovers after all. Well, color us excited this week because the nominations officially are in! And not just for features. Don’t forget: short films are always the underrated gems of the Oscars, so show your support by getting acquainted with the line ups. Short of the Week has collected trailers for the all of the 5 short film nominees in each category: Animation, Live-Action and Documentary, as well as information on how you can catch the full versions of a handful of the shorts right now. We are familiarizing ourselves with the films as we speak and cannot wait until February rolls around to see who comes out on top! Head over to Short of the Week to get in on the trailer action now!

Must See Trailer: Female-Directed Horror Anthology XX

If we’ve learned anything recently it’s that, though life can be rather dark and scary sometimes, there’s always a bit of light that shines through. However, heck, maybe we are up for a little bit of horror! At least on screen. “XX” a feature horror anthology directed by four “killer” women and some of the genre’s most promising new voices (including musician Annie Clark, AKA St. Vincent), debuts at the Sundance Film Festival tonight! The collection of horror films promises to challenge the status quo within the industry by bringing some amazing, inspiring female voices to the director’s chair. Turn out the lights, get under the blankets, check out the trailer below and get ready to be spooked in only the best way possible. 

Vimeo continues to step into the world of the original series with a new standalone miniseries called “555”. John Early and Kate Berlant have been making comedy together for years and will continue to collaborate for this anthology series consisting of essentially 5 short films. We meet Early and Berlant as the two embark on a quest for stardom in Hollywood. Executive produced by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim and directed by three-time Vimeo Staff Picked filmmaker, Andrew DeYoung, “555” promises to be comedy gold! Pre-order the series today for $3.99 and mark your calendars for its exclusive debut on Vimeo on January 31st! In the meantime, check out the trailer below! 

Get ready for quite the adventure as Werner Herzog takes us on an unforgettable trip into the world’s most active and red-hot lava filled volcanoes. You can watch the trailer for his acclaimed new documentary “Into the Inferno” now! Like what you see? “Into the Inferno” releases on Netflix later this month on October 28th.  


Indie Street Presents AULD LANG SYNE NYC Premiere!

Originally a poem written by well-known Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns in the late 18th century, “Auld Lang Syne” - in its song version - has become a recognized tradition throughout many countries as a way to bid farewell to the passing year on Hogmanay/New Year’s Eve. The song asks us: should old acquaintance be forgot? Well, sure, that’s a loaded question. But Indie Street may have the answer! On October 17th, Indie Street is proud to present the NYC premiere of Indie Street Film Festival audience favorite “Auld Lang Syne”! If you’re in the New York area, fancy yourself an artist, love indie film and theatre or simply just appreciate a great film made with love by even greater people, then you should not miss this exclusive event. Cast and crew, including director Johanna Mckeon, will be in attendance for a Q&A! For ticket info, head on over to the event page for more details. So, should old acquaintance be forgot and never thought upon? How about watch the newly released trailer for “Auld Lang Syne” to find out and join us on October 17th!  


Must See Trailer: Ira Sachs' "Little Men"

Closing night at the first ever Indie Street Film Festival this weekend was a true highlight of the festival! We kicked things off with a beautiful awards ceremony at the Count Basie Theatre, honoring the filmmakers, staff and community that made the event a success. Immediately after the awards ceremony, the lights went down and the audience was greeted to quite the closing night film offering. ISFF was honored to bring filmmaker Ira Sachs' moving and often funny portrait of class and gentrification in Brooklyn to Red Bank audiences. "Little Men" is set for an early August release and we highly recommend catching this well-crafted gem of a story in theaters. The young actors behind the two little men of the title, Theo Taplitz and Michael Barbieri, are absolute ones to watch! Check out the trailer for the film here!

2016 EIFF Must See: "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" Trailer

Since I’m having intense withdrawals from my amazing time at the 2016 Edinburgh International Film Festival, it helps to think back on highlights from my jam-packed, film-crazy two weeks in my favorite city in the world. I saw both gems and duds but the one film that definitely stuck out to me as an upcoming must-watch was the New Zealand comedy “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”. Writer/director Taika Waititi’s hilarious yet charming film follows the story of the unwanted, troublemaker orphan Ricky, played brilliantly by young actor, Julian Dennison. When Ricky gets one last opportunity to prove himself by staying with a family situated deep within the New Zealand countryside, it’s not long before his defiance and bad luck streak strikes again. What follows is a misfit adventure through the wilderness that sees Ricky and his “uncle” (Sam Neill) spark a national man-hunt of epic proportions while learning a lot about each other along the way. Watch the trailer for the must see film now!

As trippy as they come, Eiichi Yamamoto's nearly forgotten animated erotic film 'Belladonna of Sadness' is finally going to get a theatrical release by US distributor Cinelicious Pics. To mark the 1973 film’s upcoming release, there’s a brand new trailer out that’s sure to get the curious even more curious. Twitch film calls it, “A remarkable piece of feminist fantasy horror that must be seen to be believed” and well, we will believe the hype. Having restored the film to a modern 4K glory, Cinelicious Pics has also partnered with Hat & Beard Press to put together a limited edition 220 page book to commemorate the artwork from the film. Ain’t it Cool News names the film, “One of the greatest underground altered-states movies ever made.” Specific? Yes. Worth at least checking out the trailer? Totally. Check it out here.