Ah, remember the good ol’ days, when 2017 was to be heralded the year of virtual reality? It seems we’ve still got a ways to go, with sales of VR hardware falling below forecasts and many overseas startups already going bankrupt. With so many challenges facing the growth of the technology on the consumer-level playing field, it seems the tech is still fighting the good fight. Every new industry faces these “growing pains”, according to Clayton Doherty, co-founder and president of the World VR Forum, held last week in Switzerland. But with every setback is an unforgettable experience behind a headset. Creators put together a list of 5 reasons the tech will continue to survive and thrive: from being used as an empathy tool to its potential in other industries, such as healthcare, check out the full list here!

Daniel Hashimoto is an animator for dream works, which gives his son James and his home videos an unfair advantage. Thanks to Huffington Post for bringing this amazing Dad feat to our attention. Check out the Action Movie Kid's youtube page, here are a few of our favorites.

No hose Water gun - too cute Lego Blaster : "It's kind of like a real gun" ' Everyone played this game when they were young, but this is next level.