Called virtual reality’s “Year Zero” because of the huge wave of virtual and augmented reality consumerism that took over, 2016 saw the technology and its potential grow leaps and bounds. 2017 is already shaping up to be an even more productive year for the VR and AR industries as headsets are selling and applications are earning. VentureBeat dived into what 2016 had to offer and are now looking ahead at the current year, making 6 predictions and 4 wishes for the evolution of the technology over the next 12 months. From iPhone 8 predictions to a hope for more social interaction opportunities, check out their full list!

Daniel Hashimoto is an animator for dream works, which gives his son James and his home videos an unfair advantage. Thanks to Huffington Post for bringing this amazing Dad feat to our attention. Check out the Action Movie Kid's youtube page, here are a few of our favorites.

No hose Water gun - too cute Lego Blaster : "It's kind of like a real gun" ' Everyone played this game when they were young, but this is next level.