Yesterday, the New York Film Festival offered a really unique experience for film lovers that I stumbled upon by happy accident. You see, at 1pm they moved a screening of “The Cinema Travellers” to the theatre right next to the 330pm talk by Ang Lee. Leaving one, you ran into the other. Call it a coincidence, but I say it's cinematic fate. “The Cinema Travellers” followed the story of two showmen with traveling cinema roadshows in the remote villages of India. As they started struggling to bring in audiences with their analog ways and old clunky projectors, the digital world of film inevitably started creeping up on them. And Ang Lee’s talk? About the insane, innovative technological advancements on display in his new film “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”. The contrast of the Indian documentary to Ang Lee’s talk was eye-opening for people curious about film as a physical medium. It was a delight to see both and it was also a delight to then randomly run across this film inspection video via Gizmodo. Learn about what it takes to inspect a physical piece of film and get mesmerised by the images within the frames as they fly by - a somewhat lost art that hopefully will not be lost forever! 


Daniel Hashimoto is an animator for dream works, which gives his son James and his home videos an unfair advantage. Thanks to Huffington Post for bringing this amazing Dad feat to our attention. Check out the Action Movie Kid's youtube page, here are a few of our favorites.

No hose Water gun - too cute Lego Blaster : "It's kind of like a real gun" ' Everyone played this game when they were young, but this is next level.