A transcendent experience now greets visitors at the rainbow-hued, geometric facade of a local chapel in Youssofia, Morocco. Street artist Okuda San Migual has covered the church in his signature eye-catching & multicolored shapes. Giving his art a higher level of power and spiritualism through the canvas of a church, the piece, entitled 11 Mirages of Freedom, is part of the British Council sponsored Street Art Caravane. The movement is taking place around Morocco and is helping to build an art community around the country. To check out more images of this spiritual prism-like artwork, read here.

Graffiti KingPins & Time-lapse Brilliance

Just in case any of you on IndieStreet haven't seen Sofles-Limitless, here it is. Street Creds all around to the Ironlak team, photos from Selina Miles, and the talented street art of Sofles, Fintam Magee, Treas and Quench.

Featured Street Artist: Buff Diss (Melbourne, Australia)

"A derelict building is an eyesore to some, but an incredible canvas to others" -Buff Diss, Australian masking tape street artist. This photo is one of our favorites from buff Diss, entitled "Sustenance". His flickr page highlighting his non-destructive graffiti gets enormous street creds from the IndieStreet team.


Today's we feature Pejac, a brilliant street artist from Spain who blends together monochromatic surrealism with human commentary.  Pejac is a versatile sculptor and painter with many amazing works that can be seen on his Facebook page, but here we have some of Indie Street's favorites:


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We love this one from Prague in 2013!  On his tumblr page he writes, "globalization spares nothing and no one, not even those who have nothing. “ Fra.Biancoshock is a street artist who lives and breathes his "Ephemeralism" in Milan Italy. His urban art projects expose the permanence of a great idea or experience, while accepting the brevity of their own physical existence in space. It all may sound complicated, but just check out his work! Most of it will provoke something inside of you. If it doesn't than it wasn't meant to. Visit Fra.Biancoshock website here

Featured Street Artist: Eduardo Kobra

Time Lapse photography seems to be most effective when documenting art of grand scales. Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra painted this mural of Lincoln in Kentucky last year. Kobra is a famous artist in Brazil and is becoming more and more relevant in the worldwide scene. Our favorite story of Kobra, is how a Brazilian judge who was sentencing him for vandalism liked his work so much that he made him create a mural for the local police gallery as a part of his punishment. Street Creds all around. Check out Eduardo Kobra Street Art Website. Social Media wise, he seems to be most actively posting new material on his Facebook page.

DaLeast: Street Art Royalty

DaLeast has one of the most unique styles in the street art community, check that, the world. He is a Chinese born artist that lives and works in Cape Town and his art has blessed the concrete canvas of countless countries around the world. He is married to the respected street artist Faith47, making quite the inspirational creative power couple. Visit his website here or follow him on instagram here

Twin brothers and Brazilian artists Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, known together as Os Gemeos, just finished their latest project – a colossal mural covering six industrial silos on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. The mural, which is part of the Vancouver Biennale, depicts six vividly colored 70 foot (23 meter) tall characters. The six silos are wrapped all the way around,giving it a total area of 23,500 square feet (7,200 sq meters). The twin brothers took almost the whole month to finish the piece – the grandest one of their career so far. These cartoonish giants are also a part of Os Gemeos’ on-going “Giants” mural project, parts of which have already brought life and color to many other major cities around the world.