Angel Whiseant is a photographer, digital designer, and conceptual thinker all wrapped into a real human being. Her pieces display how today's opportunities for blending art and technology can make even deeper levels of self exploration possible. Thank you Angel! You keep doing what you are doing, and we will keep looking at it.

To tell the unique story of the homeless in the southern USA, photographer Jan Banning "came up with a different approach: to photograph people who are homeless as she would photograph any other member of society."  Her simple studio portraits remove stereotypes and labels, revealing that there is no huge difference between the homed and the homeless, less the levels of human struggle.

Bob Carey's self traveling photos of himself in a Tutu started as a way for him to self medicate and just bring laughter to his wife who was diagnosed with cancer. It turned into a hope inducing photography series that touched many and raised awareness. Way to go Bob!

While human portraits and eyes laced with experience can evoke deep stories and emotion of the subjects, these photos from Andre Govia bring us an eerie tale of a different nature. Imagining the vibrance of these abandoned buildings in their hay day, and the human struggles that led to their abandonment make these photos haunting, yet very touching pieces of photographic work.

Convicts write letters to their younger selves: REFLECT

A powerful concept that really shows how many of the humans behind bars are just that…human.  We all make bad decisions at some point in our life, it is a part of living.  Some of the bad decisions are worse than others, and even if that is subjective, their is a very real difference in consequences.  We hope this exhibit can make its way down from Maine to New York to continue its inspiration! "Our bad choices can contain untold loss, remorse, and regret,” says Bell, “but the positive value of these bad choices might be immeasurable if we can face them, admit to them, learn from them and find the strength to share.”  Visit Bell's photography

Brent Stirton's Bushmen photography series brings us deep into the world of hunter gatherers in southern Africa. We must warn you, this project is the most light hearted of his story telling photography. His shockingly truthful photographic portrayal of human & animal interaction, abuse, disease, and sacrifice may be too much for some to handle. But the hardest stories to tell are sometimes the ones that need to be shared more than they are.