With the constantly changing technological field of possibilities, digital artists can now work across different mediums more and more these days. Take, for example, when a comic book artist creates a GIF. What happens? Moving image magic, but of course. The Creators Project gathered the work of six insane comic book artists who also like to get their hands dirty in the GIF world. From Penelope Gazin to Becca Human, check out what happens when two artistic platforms seamlessly blend into one another by heading over to see their gallery.

The annual comic book clusterfuck that is Comic-Con International has finally come to an end. While there were plenty of big-budget entertainment announcements down in San Diego, the comic book industry itself tends to linger in the shadow of the massive, monied television and film industries that so often adapt their works.

There are already plenty of articles breathlessly extolling the virtues of the Star Wars preview or the next season of The Walking Dead, and while those may indeed be very fine things, this is not that article. Instead, this article is going to focus on something you don't hear nearly as much about once the sun has set on San Diego: the cool and interesting stuff that's happening in the world of actual comic books. Read more here

“The mission of The Fifth Beatle has always been to sing the unsung story of Brian Epstein — the brilliant and inspiring visionary behind the Beatles — so I am thrilled to expand his legacy into film,” said Tiwary in an issued statement. “And to be partnering with a brilliant self-made boy from Liverpool and a game-changing music impresario — I’m certain Brian would be pleased!”    Read more

IF THERE’S SUCH a thing as a Big Bang moment for modern computing, it happened on December 9, 1968. On that day, in an underground convention center in the heart of San Francisco, Doug Engelbart gave  The Mother Of All Demos, introducing the world to an astonishing slew of technologies including word processing, video conferencing, windows, links, and the humble mouse. Over the course of the 90-minute demonstration, Engelbart laid the foundation for computing for decades to come.

Now, that vital moment is being reborn in suitably dramatic form: avant garde opera.

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Play A Mobile Game With Your Eyes

We all know it’s coming.  Alstrop Johansen is the CEO of The Eye Tribe, a startup that spun out the University of Copenhagen in 2011 to make eye-tracking software, initially for the disabled and now for the mass market. What makes his company unique is how cheap the technology is. Read the full story here

So what gives? Where are our little green cousins, our one-eyed, tentacled overlords? Why are we so alone out here? Nobody really knows, but there are certainly some fun theories. The reason we haven’t interacted with them yet might be due to some socialization, biology, or logic that is so different from ours that it confounds all comprehension.Check out the most popular theories here:  Enjoy these! 

For the uninformed: Back in 1983 the video game industry crashed and burned, and a pretty terrible game adaptation of Spielberg's E.T. took (deservedly or undeservedly) a large part of the blame. On its last legs, Atari was forced to dump millions of unsold and returned cartridges of the E.T. video game into a landfill—or so the legend goes. For years, this was one the gaming industry's biggest urban legends, like a video game El Dorado. Read on

It has been long rumored that the graphic novel series that follows the last man on Earth (don't worry there are still plenty of women to torment him) will be turned into a film sometime in the near future...We agree with Entertainment Weekly on this one, as the series seems to be perfectly natural to end up as a HBO or ShoTime series. Well, in any case, if you haven't read the comic series, that is what we suggest you do. The series was penned by Brian K. Vaughan and released by Vertigo Comics in 2004. Find it read it, and we will wait and see what the next step is for this brilliant graphic novel series.

Have your story turned into a one page comic

The comic compilation project, "One", is a wonderfully unique and engaging crowd funding campaign. Comic Artist Markus Friese is creating a hard cover book of one page comic stories, and donors to his campaign can inspire one of the stories. His featured level gives you a copy of the book and a poster of the one page comic that you inspired. Get involved with his project on IndieGogo here.