Good news for nerds! Kill Screen has partnered up with this year's Tribeca Film Festival to bring NYC the new Tribeca Games Festival. Kicking off Friday April 28th, the opening night party will feature an arcade of games from indie to mainstream and a concert featuring Mura Masa. Two exciting days of programming and video games will follow. Remember, it's not all about the films this year! This is an event not to be missed if you're a game lover. Geeks unite! Read more about the event, which kicks off in two weeks, over on Kill Screen.

Over at Indie Street, it’s not only just about self-distributed indie films. We’re also obsessed with all types of innovative, inspiring new works that challenge the way we think about the world and creation in general. Indie comics are another medium that have completely blown up in the past few years. It’s hard to keep track of all the original works being self-published these days! Paste Magazine is here to the rescue, uncovering some of the best comic books, zines, webcomics, and graphic novels that flew under the radar in 2016. If you’re a comic nerd, check out their list of the best hidden gems of the past year!

With the constantly changing technological field of possibilities, digital artists can now work across different mediums more and more these days. Take, for example, when a comic book artist creates a GIF. What happens? Moving image magic, but of course. The Creators Project gathered the work of six insane comic book artists who also like to get their hands dirty in the GIF world. From Penelope Gazin to Becca Human, check out what happens when two artistic platforms seamlessly blend into one another by heading over to see their gallery.

When one finds a mint condition Kalart Craig 16mm Projecto-Editor on the curb near the outside of the Library of Congress in DC, what does one do with it if there's no film to view and splice? I don’t know…how about build a retro arcade console with it?! This is what Douglas Welcome did when he happened upon a 16mm film editor outside of a house being gutted. Adding a color LCD, a 12 mm Broadcom SOC, USB hub, speakers, amplifier, vintage-style knobs and switches, and NES-style controllers, he created a newly converted arcade console that runs on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B and RetroPie platform. This is a match made in heaven for all you film and video game nerds. Next time you’re at the flea market or simply just walking down the street, make sure to be on the lookout. You never know what could make the next awesome arcade enclosure! Head here to learn more about the retro-projecto project. 


Love video games but have an exam coming up? Well, good news! There are some studies that have proven there is a correlation between improving one’s ability to learn and playing videos games. Memory boosts, improved cognitive skills, faster decision making, multitasking abilities, and thought stimulation are just some of the benefits of taking a wee break to get behind the controller. And don’t forget higher creativity and imagination as side effects as well! DeMilked is hosting an interesting infographic that breaks down exactly how video games are changing the way we think about education. Check it out here  - and show it to your parents as proof!!

How to Edit Your Film Using a Video Game Controller

Happen to be a video editor as well as a super intense or nerdy video gamer? Looking for a new way to make your editing more like the thrill of gaming? Well, you’re in luck! Editor Casey Faris has created a tutorial teaching you how to program a PC game controller to be compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro! Even if it’s a bit of a ridiculous concept, this could be a rather fun way of shaking things up and combining two different hobbies and/or passions. If you’re a video editing nerd or just a curious gamer, watch the video tutorial and read here for more info.

In the indie world, it’s not just about the films. It’s also about supporting smaller independent video games as well! What Culture recently released a list of what they believe are the top 18 best indie games of the decade…(so far)! The industry is sure to be changing over the next few years, as advancements in VR and the like start to influence gaming. In the meantime, there are a lot of awesome options available so head on over to check out their current compilation of games!

As another successful SXSW draws to a close this weekend, let's remember that it wasn't just about the films, music, celebrities, and tech. There were also games, both indie ones and more mainstream ones! Honored at the third annual SXSW Gaming Awards on March 26, 21 awards were given out, judged by an advisory board consisting of over 40 gaming and industry experts. The Witcher 3 took home top honors as Video Game of the Year. For a complete list and breakdown of all the winners, head on over to the official SXSW page.

Waltham company Atentiv is currently looking at a $4.5 billion market in treatments for ADHD. However, instead of creating yet another pill, Atentiv wants to help control the condition using video games. Executives say their video game is currently undergoing clinical trials, helping to engage children with a computer game that jumpstarts natural brain development necessary for learning. Their performance within the game is captured by a headpiece measuring the brain's electrical signals/EEG signals, with that information then being sent to a clinician as an in-depth analysis of the patient’s attention skills and any improvement they are undergoing through playing the game. It’s about rewiring the brain with learning. And fun! A similar but less formal product they developed, ATENTIVmynd Games, will likely be released this year, with the medical product taking more time to develop. The medical game, Attentive Therapeutics, is an adventure story with 20 to 25 min training sessions at a time. Kids are expected to take between 5 to 8 weeks to complete the game. In clinical trials, children showed a 30 to 50% reduction in the severity of their ADHD. So, video games instead of medication? Seems the benefits of technological advancements are never-ending! Read more here and continue to stay up to date on the company’s developments.

The California College of the Arts, one of those rare schools that actually offers a MFA in Comics, is hosting a free online course for anyone just starting out or not ready to fully commit to a degree program. The Massive Online Open Course in comics, the first of its kind for the CCA, is called Comics: Art in Relationships and will offer five sessions with professor Matt Silady, chair of the MFA Program in Comics. Aimed at both beginner and advanced artists, the course kicks off today, February 17th. Click here for a video about the course as well as for more information on its syllabus!