Maria's Pick: Jamie xx's "Gosh"

We've had such an amazing time learning about new and innovative music videos through our monthly collaboration with Maria DicieanuSubmarine Channel author & former editor! We've been introduced to exciting and eye-opening offerings, including the interactive video for the late Jeff Buckley's cover of “Just Like a Woman” and last month's music video for “Be So Glad” by Jaimeo Brown Transcendence. This month Maria presents an awe-inspiring video from the young but already legendary music video director Romain Gavras. The artist? Jamie XX. The song? "Gosh". The outcome? Jaw-dropping. Check out Maria's breakdown of "Gosh" and why it was her July pick: "Whenever Romain Gavras directs, the 'world' (as in 'music video aficionados') seems to stand still and 'listen' (a.k.a 'check out the outcome'). And for good reason, as his latest futuristic and heavily CGI-ed masterpiece confirms. Jamie XX joins the ranks of 'the lucky few artists' to have a music video conceived by this French 'enfant terrible', thus mingling with the likes of M.I.A, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justice, DJ Mehdi and The Last Shadow Puppets.  “Gosh” is just as haunting and mesmerizing as Born Free, Stress and No Church in the Wild. Showcasing a decadent dystopian Paris (while actually being filmed in China in front of a replica of the Eiffel Tower), the music video makes brilliant use of choreography managing to perfectly coordinate the dance of over 400 extras. The cinematography is nothing short of spectacular as well not only due to the very atmospheric look, but also thanks to the very elaborated shots going from ground level all the way up in the air. Even more, Gavras brilliantly mixes and mingles iconic elements from his previous works such as the car stunts from “Bad Girls”, the high buildings from “Stress” and protagonists having a very particular hair color like in “Born Free”. This prompts “Gosh” to not only be viewed and interpreted as an individual piece but also in relation to the directors' previous music videos. The self reflexivity highlights the unique phenomenon that Romain Gavras is in the music video environment, his specific directorial vision while ensuring that all his works are simply must sees!"  This is one video that'll having you saying "Gosh!" in the most positive of ways by the end. It might just even warrant a few replays! If you aren't familiar with Gavras' work, this is a great place to start. Enjoy the spectacle & see you next month!  

  About Maria: "Multimedia in Human Form. Media researcher. Journalist. Filmmaker. PR and Social Media Mind. Cinephille. TV Shows aficionado. Books Lover. Music Video guru and former curator of the project"  

Musical Artist in the Street Light March '14: Ocean Calling

"Endlessly Roaming We'll Glow" one of many solid lyrics from a song that we are happy we were turned onto in its youth. With only 234 hits on youtube when I saw it early this morning (2amEST), I'm happy to predict 100k plus for this new artist. (And the talented Sophie Locke will owe it all to IndieStreet's featured post!) Okay fine, it's just an awesome song and a fun music video. Street Creds to Ocean Calling for wielding some soul and adventure into an electronic-pop style. Follow Ocean Calling on twitter and Facebook, we know we will be waiting for more!

Manicanparty - Dec'13 Artist in the Streetlight

Sure stemming from Brooklyn seed gives us a bit of prejudice, but we would get behind this talented indie tribal pop duo even if they came from Mars. And their amazing EP is free on SoundCloud. Just trust us, you will be entranced.

Q: How can u make $1000 in a day as a street Musician?

A: With disgusting talent. Bryson Andres has blown up over the last year, but his heart still lies with the street.  He says his favorite venue  is to "perform on the streets where everyone can experience my music and just relax."  Thanks Bryson for stayin' Indie and keeping it on the Street.

April '14 Musical Artist in the Street Light: DESPOT

Despot is a rapper from Queens, NY who has been kind of harassed about how long it is taking him to put out his debut solo album. Indie Street is here to defend this beast of a lyricist.  It has been a decade since he was signed by Definitive Jux, and Despot continues to grow his fan base with appearances and killer hip hop singles like Look Alive and House Full of Bricks.  year in and year out.  Indie Street salutes the perfectionist approach, and will be ready to rep the album whether it drops in 2014 or 2041.  No one hates on that dude who directed Titanic when it takes him 10 years to drop his next blockbuster.  Stay the course Despot, James Cameron type bankroll is in your future.  You can follow him on Facebook here.