On Wednesday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the top 10 live-action shorts moving forward in their voting process for the 89th Academy Awards. Narrowed down from the qualifying 137 films, the final nominees from this top 10 shortlist will be named on January 24th. We are beyond thrilled to see that director Marc Fouchard made the list! His short film, “The Way of Tea” screened at the 2016 Indie Street Film Festival this summer and was a true audience favorite. Congrats to Marc and all of the other filmmakers!  The full list of potential nominees:  “Bon Voyage,” dir. by Marc Wilkins “Ennemis Intérieurs,” dir. by Sélim Azzazi “Graffiti,” dir. by Lluis Quilez “La Femme et le TGV,” dir. by Timo von Gunten“Nocturne in Black,” dir. by Jimmy Keyrouz “The Rifle, the Jackal, the Wolf and the Boy,” dir. by Oualid Mouaness “Silent Nights,” dir. by Aske Bang “Sing (Mindenki),” dir. by Kristof Deák “Timecode,” dir. by Juanjo Giménez “The Way of Tea (Les Frémissements du Thé),” dir. by Marc Fouchard

If you didn’t get the chance to catch “The Love Witch”, director Anna Biller’s saturated, Technicolor love letter and homage to the 1960s, around the festival circuit this year, do yourself a favor and get to one of its screenings in LA and NYC - ASAP. An over-the-top drama about a modern day witch that uses magic to get her way with men, it's both ridiculous and necessary in today’s film industry. Director Anna Biller shines with talent in many departments, creating a throwback film that comes off as something unique, insane and refreshingly new. Indiewire sat down with Biller to get her take on how to create a feminist film in an industry that may not value…well, your values. It's insightful and badass advice. From getting angry to killing your darlings, check out the full list of recommendations over on Indiewire and then watch the trailer for the must-see film below!  

Everyday, people and their ideas are shaping and changing the world we live in. But do we ever stop and recognize the spaces and places these ideas are conceived? Fastcodesign has created a list of the best in housing design and improved thinking in the creation of public spaces. From tiny houses and art centers to parks and art installations, these are projects that are also reshaping our lives. Check out the full list of the best in innovative space and places in 2016 over at Co.Design.

From September 30 through October 16th, New York City is celebrating the best in film this Fall. The New York Film Festival has kicked off its 54th year with an exciting variety of films from both festival veterans as well as new, exciting voices in the industry. From Jim Jarmusch’s “Paterson” starring Adam Driver, Almodóvar’s newest offering “Julieta” to Barry Jenkins’ talk of the town, “Moonlight” - PAPER Magazine has compiled a list of their 10 must-sees as this year’s festival. You can check out their top ten list or start making your own by perusing NYFF’s program!

From Buzzfeed to Hasbro, Fast Company has compiled a list of what they believe are the most innovative companies of 2016. Where else can you find a list that puts the likes of Black Lives Matter, Netflix, Taco Bell and Facebook together and has them go head to head?! Check out the full list (with an individual profile on each company) here.

Happy Labor Day … or what most people call the “unofficial end of Summer”! If the sun is a-shinin’ and the forecast is looking good, then let the beach, cookouts, and friends join to culminate in one epic final Monday. If the weather is forcing you indoors, well, what better way to celebrate then kickin’ back and checking out some of the best “end-of-summer” films and TV shows from the past few decades? From “Weekend at Bernie’s” to “Friday Night Lights”, The Wrap has compiled a list that will have you reminiscing and saying goodbye to another great Summer in style. Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors or spending the final Summer holiday in front of a screen, we hope everyone has a blast! You can check out the full list here!

The world of business is getting less and less stuffy these days and more and more innovative in terms of creative thinking and "against the grain" strategies. Get inspired by checking out Fast Company's annual list of the most creative leaders in business - ones that are helping to shape the future of their industries in new and exciting ways. From content curation to fashion design, the list is extensive and well worth checking out! Head here for profiles on 100 of the most inspiring leaders in the workforce today.

As we all know, the whole world is good and well into watching and enjoying the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. Gold medals, broken legs, doping scandals and all, these Games are shaping up to be rather memorable! However, it can be a bit overwhelming watching all of the soul-crushing, dream-ending losses and a bit tiring feeling so inadequate by watching all of the world record breaking performances. Why not escape from reality and back into the film world? Bustle has a great list of 17 sports-related films to either help you get into the Olympic watching mood or give you a break from the around the clock coverage of real life, jaw-dropping athletic prowess. Check out the full list here!

One of the coolest things about the first ever Indie Street Film Festival that just went down in Red Bank, NJ last week was that, not only did it incorporate dozens of different genres and styles of filmmaking…it also brought live art into the mix! From Joe Mangrum’s colorful sand art to two-handed painter Rob Prior, art was a focal point of the inaugural year of the festival. It’s an amazing thing when art and film collide, so if that’s up your alley, be sure to check out artnet’s list of 10 art documentaries to watch this summer here. From discovering the origins of land art to learning about the life and times of Renoir, get ready to get out of the heat and cool off with some ART!

Happy 4th of July weekend! Ah, how the sun, fun and sparkle of fireworks will fill the next couple of days! Nothing like good ol' independence to ring in good times! However, if you need to beat the heat and the crowds at some point during the festivities, why not come into the air conditioning and sit back and enjoy a great patriotic film! Collider has you set with a list of the best films to watch this Independence Day! So, go jump in the water, grab a hot dog, have a grand ol' time and then come inside and relax. From "Jaws" to "Top Gun", check out the patriotic, fun filled list here!