Ever wonder what it would feel like to step inside of a rainbow? Well, artist Liz West has created what is probably the nearest thing to the experience. Her multi-sensory installation, ‘Our Colour’, drenches visitors in the entire color spectrum. An experiment in human perception, light is used as a sculptural medium in order to study our psychology, emotional and physical responses to colors within different spaces. The installation will run through the weekend during the Bristol Biennial and as part of the ‘Your Color Perception’ project that began last year in Manchester. Both beautifully artistic and scientific, if you don’t happen to be based in the UK, you can still get more info and check out plenty of pics of West’s installation here! Get ready to experience the rainbow!

From digitizing entire art collections to creating virtual tours of participating art museums, Google has been devoting serious time and money into its Google Art Project, officially launched 5 years ago. Just this week, Google updated its Google Arts & Culture App, allowing you to search for artworks by period, color and subject matter.  A another nifty tool within the app is the Art Recognizer which allows you to point your device at a piece of artwork within any of the 250 participating partner museums and receive the corresponding info. It's like Shazam for art! Though critics are pointing out that many will not feel the need to physically venture into museums because of Google's digitizing efforts, there is a still a massive, much needed educational factor that the app introduces. Watch the informational video here, try out Google Arts & Culture online and read more about the digital arts initiative here.

While year after year, countless documented film ideas never make it past the concept or development stage, it’s hard to get an idea of what any of these films could have consisted of or what their marketing material would have looked like. That’s where artist Fernando Reza of Fro Design Company comes in. “Ones that Got Away”, a series of posters designed by Reza, features imagined artwork for "classic" films never made. From Stanley Kubrick’s “Aryan Papers” and “Napoleon” to Hitchcock’s “Kaleidoscope”, these images further help us imagine what could have been from some of our favorite filmmakers. Also featuring posters for Orson Welles, Salvador Dali, David Lynch, and Guillermo del Toro shelved films, be sure to check out some of Reza’s artwork here.

There's a new piece of art to be found in the unlikeliest of places. “Seven Magic Mountains” by Swiss-born artist Ugo Rondinone, is a large-scale, colorfully vivid installation located in the middle of the desert. The work, installed outside of Las Vegas, consists of seven insanely huge day-glo stone sculptures, paying homage to the history of Land Art and complementing the nearby bright lights of Vegas. The stone structures are made out of locally-sourced limestone and are piled vertically in a variety of colors. Interested in learning more and seeing the work in person? Read more here.

Ah, the good old days of flimsy VHS cardboard sleeves and being kind by rewinding a tape after finishing a movie. Nothing compares. It seems instagrammer Offtrackoutlet felt the same way, so now he spends his time designing and sharing a series of VHS covers…but only for recent cinema releases! From The Revenant to the new Star Wars movie, modern films are reimagined as nostalgic throwbacks. 2016 suddenly becomes 1986! For a fun blast from the past, check out some of his best designs here.

Ever wonder where customer happiness fits into the design process of some of our favorite products and brands? Mark Wilson of Co.Design recently moderated an event at this year’s SXSW called 'Designing Happiness' to find out. The experts on the panel included Bruce Vaughn, former Chief Creative Exec for Disney Imagineering, Gabby Etrog Cohen, Senior VP of PR and brand strategy at SoulCycle and Randall Stone, Director of Experience Innovation at Lippincott. The three discussed the idea of customer happiness and how they create happy experiences with their brands. A fascinating read giving insight into how our emotions are actually “crafted” early on in the design process, head on over and check out Wilson's write-up.

Ever feel like your Instagram or iPhone photo galleries are full of random, unexciting things that only you find special? Chances are, that’s probably the case! Well, leave it to some guy on Reddit to come to the rescue and breathe new life into the occasional bland social media photo. For the past couple of years, “Your_Post_As_A_Movie” on Reddit has been turning user’s everyday photos into exciting, silly, and innovative fake movie posters that are sometimes so real looking, you'd think they were working out of Hollywood. From documentaries to action flicks, fake indies to foreign films, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! You can check out a gallery of some of their coolest work here.

Architectural firm APA has just transformed and turned a London warehouse space into a bespoke apartment for film/theatre director Dalia Ibelhauptaite and actor-turned-director Dexter Fletcher. In the apartment? Amongst other things, a metal cube that houses a film archive and a bathroom! Check out images from the transformed filmmaker space and read about the inspirations behind its designs here!

The Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in New York City will be hosting a special series of film screenings starting in late February. From February 23 to May 22, 2016, "In Time (The Rhythm of the Workshop): Andreas Bunte, Denis Côté, Daniel Eisenberg and Varvara & Mar" will feature work from a variety of filmmakers, including Andreas Bunte, Denis Côté, and Daniel Eisenberg."In Time" will showcase, via moving image, manufacturing and ways in which material, bodies, and value are shaped by industry. This will be the first film and video exhibition hosted at MAD. For more information on the series as well as additional information about the films showing, read here.

One Plus Partnership's "Exploded Cinema" in China is a sight for sore, deconstructed eyes. An absolute marvel to look at, the cinema strives to bring viewers into a movie world rather than just making them sit and watch one on screen. Inspired by the feeling of being in a sci-fi film,  One Plus Partnership is revitalizing the concept of the movie palace and making us wonder: shouldn't going to the cinema be an experience all its own? Shaking up the usual bland viewing experience, read more about the design process and inspirations here.