"We Are the Night" Bacardi Ad by Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry is a man of many talents - filmmaker, music video director, commercial maker. In all of his work, he always creates vivid, quirky little worlds that only his talents and visions can produce. His new ad for Bacardi is no different. A little more down to Earth in terms of over-the-top flair, the popular rum company's commercial is still a lot of fun and totally in line with Gondry's brand of whimsy. The ad follows a cab as it travels through a city full of stereotypes of late night revelers: “glow gals” on their phones, “ice maidens” who don’t care to don a coat despite the weather, “coat check skippers” that party in parkas, “midnight feasters” (me), “last-train sprinters” - the list goes on. Featuring a tunnel with walls that resemble a disco ball, it’s hard not to spot your party-self in here somewhere. As the ad states: “We Are The Night”. Head here to check out more about the "groovy" ad. While you’re at it, you can check out Gondry's most recent music video for The White Stripes here. Also, be sure to catch his newest film “Microbe and Gasoline”, a coming of age road trip story.    


Over on Indie Street, we are definitely familiar with the fact that with new advancements in technology come new exciting forms of film and storytelling entertainment. But it’s not just films that are evolving - it’s the marketing and advertisement worlds as well. Take one of the newest commercials to hit the market: Sherwin-Williams. Sure, it’s hard to imagine a paint company dropping one of the most mind-blowing commercials of the year, but they’ve sure done it. The best part of their new commercial entitled “Epiphany”? Absolutely no CGI was used to create the jaw-dropping, trippy effects. All that was used was water, paint, a robotic arm and a Phantom camera. Technology in its purest form (just equipment essentially) leads to beautiful effects that will transport you to a multi-colored world of pillow-like clouds of paint. Jump in head first, watch the commercial, and then head over to No Film School to get a sneak peek at some amazing behind the scenes production stills and footage.  

Spike Jonze & His Cinematic Fragrance Experience

Ever wonder what would happen if you gave one of the most well known modern day film directors the reins to something that should be as straight forward as a fragrance ad? Well, Japanese perfume company, Kenzo, has found out. With Spike Jonze behind the camera of their latest branding, the end result is anything but ordinary. Gone are the sultry, sexual looks we've come to associate with these types of advertisements (such as from the likes of a Ralph Lauren fragrance ad) and here are the hysterics, hypnotic choreography and off the wall antics you didn't expect. Jonze's ad for Kenzo is almost 4 minutes of crazy - in a good way. Featuring actress Margaret Qualley escaping the stuffy atmosphere of a high society gala and letting loose and going berserk in the hallway, she moves to the tunes of "Mutant Brain" by Sam Spiegel. The stamp behind her erratic, feral dance contortions are brought to us by none other than Ryan Heffington (the choreographer behind Sia's "Chandelier" music video). This ad is just another exciting example of the line blurring between advertising/branded commercial content and a truly cinematic experience. You can check out the commercial and more info here, via No Film School. 


Living billboard of honey produces local product and unexpected art

Taking more than 100,000 bees and a devoted Florida beekeeper, Honey Nut Cheerios produced actual honey-made boxes for the local residents of St. Cloud, Florida. Delicious, local and downright "buzz"-worthy. 

After a couple weeks of over-the-top crowdfunding, with the help of Aubrey Plaza, Newcastle Brown Ale on Tuesday released its "crowdfunded" Super Bowl ad. The spot squeezes 37 brands into a single 60-second ad that the Heineken-owned brand has said will air on only one local NBC TV station during Sunday's game. Worth it? Perhaps it will usher in a whole new era of collective advertising. You be the judge, watch the final product here

Danny MacAskill's Imaginate

This short film kicks ass, and maybe you have already bit witness to it and its inevitable vitality, but it's too rad not to post on IndieStreet. We don't care that its budget seems astronomical, the creativity outweighs all. Enter Danny's mind and enjoy. #streetcreds

Red Giant presents Plot Device

VFX software company, Red Giant, successfully features their own software while still creating an entertaining/comedic story. In this branded short film from 2012, a young filmmaker who obtains a mysterious device that unleashes the full force of cinema on his front lawn.

'Titanic' of Break-Up short films.

A couple breaks up with each other via the use of 154 movie popular titles. Some funny moments in this one, mostly because of the general concept and its limitations. Acting-wise the waitress steals the show.