Featured Short Film: Outrageously Bizarre "Seth"

A crowd favorite at the midnight shorts program at SXSW, “Seth” is a comedy beyond outrageous. Honestly, it’s hard to find the exact words to describe this bizarre film from first-time writer and director Zach Lasry. Watch the film. Scratch your head. Ask yourself, “What the hell did I just watch?!” And then take a moment to reflect and finally realize that the film is genius in its otherwordly, imaginative way of holding nothing back. I found “Seth” somewhat relatable in a totally non-relatable way and I can’t really describe why. I encourage to go into the film blindly, expect the unexpected and then maybe you’ll understand. It’s all about the character here and the comedic structure built around him. Logan George plays this role in a performance like none other. The film follows the story of Seth, a demented, grown man-child that finally completes all his daily goals, surrounded by the support of his only friends, his stuffed animal collection. Unfortunately, his final goal of impressing his father becomes an adventure of self-worth and pride that Seth will stop at nothing to complete. From a luxurious four course spread of corn products to a reenactment of the Godfather, the one thing that finally brings the two together is best left unsaid and better watched. Find out the secret to father-son bonding and watch the hilariously insane film now!

Daniel Hashimoto is an animator for dream works, which gives his son James and his home videos an unfair advantage. Thanks to Huffington Post for bringing this amazing Dad feat to our attention. Check out the Action Movie Kid's youtube page, here are a few of our favorites.

No hose Water gun - too cute Lego Blaster : "It's kind of like a real gun" ' Everyone played this game when they were young, but this is next level.


One of the problems many short filmmakers face is working out how much story they should fit into their brief duration. Do they aim to fit the plot of a feature into this bitesize format? Do they use the story as an introduction to a larger universe? Or do they leave plot holes for their viewers to fill in? Demonstrating exactly how it should be done is Alexander Engel’s This Is It – a 3-minute short with ambitions way above its station. Written and Discovered by Shorts of the week: you can you Read More There:

Actor/Director Megan Brotheron is looking for support through Seed & Spark to create what we believe has the making of a poignant and hilarious short film. Comedically bringing levity to the realities of female sexuality is a theme that, if executed well, may have feature length potential in the realm of "Tiny Furniture".
Synopsis: Under orders of her therapist, a quirky young woman must overcome public anxiety, overbearing roommates and her own sexual repression to masturbate for the very first time.