Featured Short Film: Outrageously Bizarre "Seth"

A crowd favorite at the midnight shorts program at SXSW, “Seth” is a comedy beyond outrageous. Honestly, it’s hard to find the exact words to describe this bizarre film from first-time writer and director Zach Lasry. Watch the film. Scratch your head. Ask yourself, “What the hell did I just watch?!” And then take a moment to reflect and finally realize that the film is genius in its otherwordly, imaginative way of holding nothing back. I found “Seth” somewhat relatable in a totally non-relatable way and I can’t really describe why. I encourage to go into the film blindly, expect the unexpected and then maybe you’ll understand. It’s all about the character here and the comedic structure built around him. Logan George plays this role in a performance like none other. The film follows the story of Seth, a demented, grown man-child that finally completes all his daily goals, surrounded by the support of his only friends, his stuffed animal collection. Unfortunately, his final goal of impressing his father becomes an adventure of self-worth and pride that Seth will stop at nothing to complete. From a luxurious four course spread of corn products to a reenactment of the Godfather, the one thing that finally brings the two together is best left unsaid and better watched. Find out the secret to father-son bonding and watch the hilariously insane film now!

You think you know how to party?

This hilarious short comedy "What a Nice Party" puts a dry twist on those awkward ice-breaking social situations.  Writer/Director Matt Ingebretson hit all the right beats with this one, including the party hosts wifi password: "Dickslit27".  Looks like anyone who reads this may be able to hack any accounts we set up from here on out. Thanks for that Matt.  Follow Matt here on Twitter: funny shit.  @mattingebretson

Kung Fury: Definitely might be the best parody film ever.

"Might be one of the greatest things the intertnet has ever produced" is one of the many 80s action loving comments on the youtube page, and we must say it's not that easy to argue.  If you are a product of the 80s or an 80's action film lover, look no further for the perfect parody.  Kung Fury is non stop, perfectly timed, over-the-top, Kung-Fu-super-cop, one liner heaven.  Enjoy.  We thank Laser Unicorns for this wonderful flic, and if you are in the San Diego area, you can the Kung Fury folks will be visiting comicon on July 10th!   

Short film "Mulignan" opens eyes with classic role-

Filmmaker Shaka King quotes the Urban Dictionary definition of 'mulignan,' (pronounced moo-lin-yan), as "Italian-American slang for a black man. Derived from the Italian dialect word for eggplant." King says the short film "Mulignans" is "a racial experiment, an experiment on you, the viewer." He says his experiment will succeed if he achieves in placing the audience in total discomfort with racial humor in between laughs.

Trailer: Blumenthal

This under the radar comedy from Seth Fisher strikes the poignant chords of enlightenment through dysfunction, and was one of our favorite Independent comedies of 2013.  While IndieStreet typically cringes at new directors acting as leads in their films, Seth Fisher certainly is an exception and has a bright future in storytelling.

'Titanic' of Break-Up short films.

A couple breaks up with each other via the use of 154 movie popular titles. Some funny moments in this one, mostly because of the general concept and its limitations. Acting-wise the waitress steals the show.

Funniest short film at SunDance '14

The Funnel, a short film from Andre Hyland, is universally funny because we all know someone who is like this guy, or of course we are "that guy". An instant short film classic, we look to see more from Andre! Follow his youtube channel here

"you couldn't even walk to a Blockbuster without getting

They were tough times, the 80's. Kevin Bacon gives an 80s awareness promotional spot, trying to explain the struggles of the decade to Millennials!

Archer, the king of One Liners

If nothing else, Tuesday is a day for respecting some good comedy.  Enter Archer's "Danger Zone" of comedic one liners in this youtube supercut compilation.  "This is like O Henry and Alanis Morissette had a baby and called it this exact situation!"