Best on VOD: "Thanksgiving"

Happy Thanksgiving, Indie Street Family! We hope you all have a beautiful day of feasting, family and fun! If you need an escape at any point this holiday weekend, check out Adam Newport-Berra’s appropriately titled film “Thanksgiving” on Vimeo on Demand! Be sure to watch the trailer and if you fancy some more Thanksgiving indie film escapes, check out Indie Street’s full library of films to help you get through all of the awkward family conversations this year! 

Penned (and re-penned) by Clara Mamet, this off-beat coming-of-age flick encompasses all the tragedies of teen-hood: suspension from school, family woes, the loss of a friend, a broken heart and lack of inspiration. The film raised funds on Indiegogo to help create this dysfunctional ecclectic-family comedy (in the same vein of Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums). This will make for perfect holiday viewing: Rent it on Vimeo On Demand.

Indie Street is not completely supportive of the shockumentary approach where documentarians scare the viewers into changing their ways. Not because we don't agree with many of the messages of these films, but more so because the only ones watching the docs are typically those who more or less agree with the message. This newly released documentary "Plastic Paradise" brought to you by Virgil Films, is a well done piece, but even more importantly it has such a simple cause and action that can be taken by any person in society to help ignite change. Purchase the film on Vimeo on Demand.