Best on VOD: "Thanksgiving"

Happy Thanksgiving, Indie Street Family! We hope you all have a beautiful day of feasting, family and fun! If you need an escape at any point this holiday weekend, check out Adam Newport-Berra’s appropriately titled film “Thanksgiving” on Vimeo on Demand! Be sure to watch the trailer and if you fancy some more Thanksgiving indie film escapes, check out Indie Street’s full library of films to help you get through all of the awkward family conversations this year! 

I've got both good news and bad news. The bad news? If you missed the soon-to-be cult hit DAVE MADE A MAZE on Opening Night of the 2017 Indie Street Film Festival...well, let me just say: BOY, DID YOU MISS OUT! But hey, the good news? The jaw-droppingly innovative indie film that everyone is raving about is NOW AVAILABLE to watch in theaters AND online on VOD! Red Bank audiences absolutely loved this impressive feat of story and cardboard, saying that it was a festival defining film for ISFF....and now is your chance to join the fandom. This is one quirky, crazy, fun and one-of-a-kind film that has something for everyone. Believe me, you don't want to miss this one! Watch the trailer below and then head to the film's official site to check out showtimes and where to watch online!  

Starving for some delicious indie cinema? Well, all you hungry, hungry film lovers…today is your lucky day! Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker’s Indie Street Film Festival hit BARBECUE launches on NETFLIX globally….TODAY! If you had the fine honor of attending the screening in Red Bank last July, as well as the community cookout held afterwards at Bow Tie Cinema, you’d know that it was definitely one of the most “appetizing” highlights of this year’s second edition fest! If you missed out, well, no fear! Take those rumbling bellies and head to Netflix to treat yourself to one tasty, culturally eye-opening documentary. The award-winning film premiered at SXSW 2017, was a crowd favorite at ISFF and is set to take the online foodie community by storm with its VOD release. Giving its audience a journey around the world through the eyes of cooking and barbecue, Salleh and Tucker show us so beautifully that food can bring the world together, in an almost religious way! It's exactly what we need right now. Join the cinematically delicious cult movement - don't delay! For more info, head to the film’s website or check out the filmmakers’ latest interview with Australian media. Oh and watch NOW

New Year’s Eve. A time of hope, promises, change and better times. We leave behind the anxieties, vices and troubles of the previous year and welcome the flipping of the calendar with bated breath and the excitement of reinvention. With your resolutions in order, your friends and family by your side and the countdown on, what could possibly go wrong?!  Well, in the holiday ensemble comedy “Auld Lang Syne”, we see that the celebration of a New Year with your best pals does not always go according to plan. As the famous Scottish tune/poem of the same title asks us as we surround ourselves with friends both old and new on this promising night: should old acquaintance be forgot?  Indie Street might finally have the answer to this age-old question! We are proud to finally announce the November 15th VOD release of Indie Street Film Festival Audience Award Winner “Auld Lang Syne”. Director Johanna McKeon and cast have created a refreshing take on the concept of “New Year, New You”, and with an ensemble featuring all types of artists (including a playwright, actress, musician, theater producer, and photographer), this is an indie film that truly represents what it means to be passionate about your craft, no matter the odds or what others think.  A New Year pops up every 12 months. Sometimes friends and lovers come and go from your life. Change is inevitable. But one thing is certain: “Auld Lang Syne” is a heart-warming and hilarious independent creation that is a must-see if you love art, indie film, and the hijinks that only holidays like New Year’s Eve can bring about! So, mark your calendars folks because Indie Street will be the place to be on November 15th! In the meantime, if you’re in the LA area, you can catch the West Coast Premiere of the film next week (head here for ticket info) OR watch the trailer below!!  You can now catch the film on Indie Street here!  


Last month, we told you about the upcoming release of a curated movie streaming platform brought to you by an exciting new collaboration between Criterion Collection and Turner Classic Movies. Well, today the FilmStruck platform finally went live, offering eager film lovers the chance to sign up for a 14 day free trial! If you're a fan of indie, classic, foreign, cult, arthouse or rare genre cinema, you don't want to miss this offer! While Indie Street offers some of the best in recent indie releases, FilmStruck is the place to be for all the obscure classic movies you want to revisit or finally get a chance to see. Read more about FilmStruck and get ready to experience the game-changing movie platform by overdosing on all things cinematic!

Watch an Exclusive Clip of THE ALCHEMIST COOKBOOK

Pay what you want. Are there any sweeter words for constant consumers of media? The pricing strategy has had its ups and downs in the music industry for years but now filmmakers are starting to experiment with the controversial pricing method, too. Indie filmmaker Joel Potrykus and his insane new release "The Alchemist Cookbook" is one such example. When asked why he made the decision to release the film through this distribution model, Potrykus told Indiewire that he wanted to give “the middle finger to the big guys in the industry. . .There needs to be a shift, starting now." We whole heartedly agree, Joel, we whole heartedly agree. "The Alchemist Cookbook" follows the bizarre story of Sean, an outcast that isolates himself - along with his cat - in the middle of nowhere in order to carry out some rather strange experiments. Though “scientific” in nature, things start to get far more sinister as Sean's alchemist trials and tribulations veer more towards some type of voodoo black magic. Enticed? You should be. "The Alchemist Cookbook" is almost, just almost unlike anything I've ever seen before. And perfect for the upcoming Halloween season! Maybe Potrykus' "experimental" release strategy mirrors the off-the-wall plot of his film. He tells Indiewire: “This experiment may fail. Maybe only ten people will download it, and only two of them pay. But I figure if I’m taking creative risks in my storytelling and actively trying to challenge the audience, I may as well take some risks and challenge the traditions in distribution. It’s 2016, after all. Time to get futuristic for once.” You can check out an exclusive clip of "The Alchemist Cookbook" via Indiewire and decide for yourself: what are you willing to pay to watch? As much as Sean was willing to pay to experiment with the world around him?!

October 19th will be quite the lucky day for all you classic and contemporary arthouse film lovers! On that day, Criterion Collection and Turner Classic Movies will be launching FilmStruck, their collaborative new movie streaming service. FilmStruck will feature two programmed sections of content. No.1: material provided by Turner Classic Movies. No.2: “The Criterion Channel”, featuring a large quantity of both new and old quality films that will be curated from Criterion’s library. From arthouse, indie, classic, foreign, cult and every obscure and unique genre in-between, this is going to be a game changer for all people who enjoy a good movie! Called “a streaming service built by people who love movies for people who love movies”, make sure to mark your calendars as October 19th its certain to be a very special day! Until then, you can check out more info on the collaboration between the two movie giants ahead of the launch.

“Sailing a Sinking Sea” falls into quite a different subgenre of documentary. In fact, it seems to inhabit a special category all its own. A feature length experimental observation of the Moken people of Burma and Thailand and their seafaring way of life, filmmaker Olivia Wyatt’s vision is more of a dreamy wave of colors and glowing ripples on screen than your typical doc. Shown through a highly saturated, yet still ethnic lens, if you are looking for a run of the mill, observational doc full of talking heads and spoon fed information, you will not find it within this mystical offering about a unique, evaporating culture.The film observes the Moken people, a dwindling group of free flowing water gypsies that navigate through their ancient beliefs and traditions regarding the sea. One of the smallest ethnic minority groups still in existence in Asia, this is a group so inherently bound to the waves, that almost every one of them survived the massive tsunami over a decade ago - all in thanks to shaman premonitions and their intimate relationship with their watery surroundings. While we may feel as if we are completely soaked into this culture through their words and Wyatt’s special brand of bubbling packaging, something about the mix of people and world creates a barrier we can never personally get pass: these are people we feel we get to know but never fully understand. With less than 3,000 of them still in existence, this film seems the greatest, most important way to start to get acquainted: by going deep below the surface in comprehending their wisdom and spirtual connections to nature.If you seek a cathartic journey into a different culture, one that completely transports you into another place and time, “Sailing a Sinking Sea” is available to rent now via Vimeo on Demand. At only 65 minutes, it’s well worth the short watch. Personally, I think this is a film best enjoyed at night, with heavy eyes, allowing the screen to create a dreamlike portal that drifts you away. Interested in what’s next for the filmmaker? Wyatt's upcoming project, entitled "Jasmine on Jupiter", will be an episodic multimedia series that involves sailing around the world in order to capture the beauty being lost to climate change along coastal communities. Sign us up for that expedition! For more information on “Sailing a Sinking Sea” and filmmaker Olivia Wyatt, check out the links below: Sailing a Sinking Sea website: Olivia's website: Documentary Educational Resources: Drag City (Vinyl LP + DVD):

Yesterday, we shared with you the list of every Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or Winner from over the past 4 decades. Piggybacking off of that, we now share with you, via IndieWire, a list of where to watch (almost) every winner. Unfortunately, not all of the amazing prizewinners are available for immediate online streaming, but from DVDs to Youtube, the list is still pretty comprehensive. If you've yet to experience what these films have to offer, this is a great place to start. Check out the full breakdown by platform here.

VOD Feature Review: "Crafting a Nation"

Throughout the past decade, we have seen a massive explosion of new breweries and new brewing experimentations happening within the craft beer scene in America. Beer. It’s delicious. It’s everywhere. And who could complain? Over at Indie Street, we certainly are seeing (and enjoying) the advantages to this new world of endless liquid creativity. In fact, along with the growth of craft beer potential, we are also seeing an influx of inspired new filmic endeavours. While Thomas Kolicko’s “Crafting a Nation” is one of quite a few fascinating, beer-centric documentaries to pop up over the past couple of years, Kolicko’s film is unique. It’s an interesting project because, more so than focusing on the actual beer, it focuses on the stories of the people behind the brew. And not just one story is chronicled, but dozens are told from across the country. Over 40 breweries in the US are featured, from ones just starting up to some of the largest craft breweries like Schlafly, Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada, to name a few. Despite the impressive roster, the primary focus of the film rests on chronicling both the progress and setbacks of two brothers, their dream and the successful opening of their own place, the Black Shirt Brewing Co. in Denver. As we “brewery hop” across America, we constantly return back to their inspiring story. Like finding a new favorite amongst the sea of thousands of new beers, Kolicko’s film stands out because it’s not just about shoving beer-related facts down our throats - it’s about the more personal, more human aspects behind achieving your dreams and following your passions. And well, the beer gives it even more bonus points.  So grab a cold one (or two or three…etc.) and give this week’s inspiring VOD feature a watch!

VOD Release of the Month - Tanzania A Journey Within

We wrote about this film and it's motives in the past, and now the film is available on Inide Street!  We are proud to have Emmy award winning director Sylvia Caminer as a part of our Co-op.  Rent the film in HD here on Indie Street.  If you want to learn more about how you can help your film and the world, then read the article on her film's initial "Buy a Ticket, Save a Life" release campaign...Sylvia and "Tanzania A Journey Within" helped raise awareness for Malaria while also promoting her film.

 You can follw the Tanzania Movie Facebook page.


Follow them on twitter: Tanzania Movie and Sylvia Caminer.