As a fan of enjoying a good craft beer with an even (hopefully) better film, I'm always excited to stumble across innovative ways beer and movies converge. Imagine my delight when I discovered the genius of Beer Mat Movies. The twitter page is a witty collection of micro-film reviews written on a single beer mat (AKA beer coaster) for those "on the go". If it don't fit, it don't fly. From recent reviews of mainstream fare like "X-Men: Apocalypse" to kid friendly films like "Zootropolis" and indie horrors such as "The Witch", the extremely concise beer-drinking, film-loving person behind the tweets offers a hilarious new way of analyzing and criticizing film all the while making use of what's under your beer. Keepin' it simple has earned them over 600 followers + counting! As they say, "If you can't sum up your opinion of a film on a beer mat, you're being pretentious." Grab a cold one and check out Beer Mat Movies' twitter to read up on some of their pretty on point, witty reviews.

VOD Feature Review: "Crafting a Nation"

Throughout the past decade, we have seen a massive explosion of new breweries and new brewing experimentations happening within the craft beer scene in America. Beer. It’s delicious. It’s everywhere. And who could complain? Over at Indie Street, we certainly are seeing (and enjoying) the advantages to this new world of endless liquid creativity. In fact, along with the growth of craft beer potential, we are also seeing an influx of inspired new filmic endeavours. While Thomas Kolicko’s “Crafting a Nation” is one of quite a few fascinating, beer-centric documentaries to pop up over the past couple of years, Kolicko’s film is unique. It’s an interesting project because, more so than focusing on the actual beer, it focuses on the stories of the people behind the brew. And not just one story is chronicled, but dozens are told from across the country. Over 40 breweries in the US are featured, from ones just starting up to some of the largest craft breweries like Schlafly, Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada, to name a few. Despite the impressive roster, the primary focus of the film rests on chronicling both the progress and setbacks of two brothers, their dream and the successful opening of their own place, the Black Shirt Brewing Co. in Denver. As we “brewery hop” across America, we constantly return back to their inspiring story. Like finding a new favorite amongst the sea of thousands of new beers, Kolicko’s film stands out because it’s not just about shoving beer-related facts down our throats - it’s about the more personal, more human aspects behind achieving your dreams and following your passions. And well, the beer gives it even more bonus points.  So grab a cold one (or two or three…etc.) and give this week’s inspiring VOD feature a watch!

Consider this slogan: “Brewgooder: ” Sound like a good deal? Well, you can help make that a reality! Brewgooder is the world’s first craft beer company that seeks to turn beer into clean drinking water in developing countries around the world. Their aim is to make a great beer, sell it and invest every single penny, all 100% of the profits, into clean water projects. Alan and Josh, the two buddies behind this UK based project, have launched an indiegogo campaign to help them on their quest to build a business that will provide you with awesome beer as well as help provide over 1,000,000 people access to clean water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene. Working with the already successful and innovative Scottish brewery, Brewdog, there is no question that the new beer they will develop will be absolutely worth the investment. Read here to learn more about the initiative and head on over to the Brewgooder campaign site to help spread the love. Donate and you could be one of the first to give this new beer a try!

Making a radical switch from conventional production to an experimental farm, a quality-minded family living in the land of volume seeks to at once define and solve coffee’s sustainability problem.  The Mata Atlântica, the rainforest spanning much of Brazil’s coastline, has diminished by 85 percent in five hundred years of human settlement. Deforestation that occurs in mono-culture has caused the decreased rainfall of the recent years to leave São Paulo’s water reservoirs dangerously low. In February they were at just 5 percent. 


These are just a few of the reasons Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza decided to address the sustainability problems facing not just Brazil, but the specialty coffee industry as a whole. Even though Brazil produces a third of the world’s coffee, a figure that amounts to over six billion pounds of green coffee every year requiring large scale production.Read Full Story

With new years just a day away, use this beer style-finder from to help you determine what kind of brew may be right for you. Forget about, first find the right beer, then you find happiness with yourself, and only then will you be ready to meet a partner for a new years eve smooch. Indie Street loves beer, beer brings people together.

Shawn Kingsley and Holly Migliaccio, the founders and co-owners of Rook Coffee,childhood friends and business partners, both left corporate jobs to open and operate the first Rook Coffee bar inside of a 300-square-foot bungalow that sits just off Monmouth Road in Ocean Township, New Jersey. Five years later, that gamble has spawned six coffee bars, a roastery and distribution center, a bottled cold brew business and an online retail business. Read More

On IndieStreet we love innovative environmental concepts, and we love cold beer! A Danish firm has combined these two loves with their underground beer fridge that can be sunk into the garden or terrace. It takes advantage of the cooler underground conditions to keep your beers chilled. How do you say street creds in Danish? You can learn more about the company and buy the eCool here. It's currently priced at $349.00. As they say at eCool: Lets "Save the world - one earth-cooled beer at a time"