Red hearts. Pink hearts. Roses. Chocolate. Kisses galore. The symbols and stereotypes of love we’ve come to expect. And what happens when they all culminate into one single day? Valentine’s Day, that’s what. A “holiday” of sorts that seems to always pop up unexpectedly, reminding us of our present lovers OR of our overwhelming solitude. Though the 2017 edition of this annoyingly omnipresent day is fast approaching, we’re up for a little diversion. So calls for another installment of our monthly discovery into the best in VOD and craft beer on the scene. Jayme G., Warehouse Supervisor at Advintage, is bringing us something a little less lovey dovey and a little more, well, psychotic this February. So, make plans to stay in on the 14th. Grab a heart shaped box full of chocolates (all for yourself) and slip into something sexy (or maybe just warm and comfortable), and get ready to get a little crazy!  FILM: The Alchemist Cookbook"The Alchemist Cookbook" follows the bizarre story of Sean, an outcast that isolates himself - along with his cat - in the middle of nowhere in order to carry out some rather...unusual...experiments. Though seemingly “scientific” in nature, things begin to get far more sinister as Sean's alchemist trials and tribulations veer more towards some type of black voodoo magic than a high school chemistry experiment. Enticed? You should be. "The Alchemist Cookbook" is almost, just almost unlike anything I've ever seen before. A film more fitting to Halloween, we think this VOD indie is actually perfect for all you anti-Valentine’s Day loners. We’ll refrain from telling you too much about the film and tell ya to just check out the trailer below! If it’s your cup of tea (or beer!), well then we’ve brewed up the perfect crazy pairing to go with this one-of-a-kind story! 

  BEER: Straight To Ale's Unobtanium Jayme shares with us one of his favorite concoctions, suiting to this satantic, tooth-pulling tale: “With a heady film like “The Alchemist Cookbook”, my mind immediately jumps to high ABV and barrel-aged beers and Straight To Ale's Unobtanium seems an eerily perfect match - right down to the can design. The 12oz can literally features the devil in a lab coat! Unobtanium, an old "scientific" term for a material that perfectly fits the needs of a project but doesn't actually exist, is surprisingly approachable given its style. I guess you could say the same thing about black magic too, in that the first taste is so welcoming that it's easy to get carried away, and at 11% ABV, getting carried away can get you in trouble fast! Don't let black magic be the unobtanium in your life, try a nice beer instead! With a toffee aroma, a bit of dark fruit and vanilla flavor, a small bite of oak and alcohol, pretty soon you'll realize you have everything you need right there. Shoutout to Wayerbacher Brewing's Insanity, too, another barrel-aged beer, because... well, you get it.” There you go: the perfect pair for this season of love! Maybe even soul mates! And no Tinder, online dating or matchmaking required! Become a third wheel this Valentine’s Day with beer and VOD lovers that will make all your long term dating, boring friends jealous!

Champagne. What a New Year’s cliche! Why not try popping a totally different kind of bottle this year?! Our end of year gift to you is another round-up of the best in indie film and craft beer on the scene! As the cursed year of 2016 rolls out and a fresh, optimistic 2017 hopefully blossoms, Indie Street wants to wish all you film and beer lovers the happiest of new beginnings. We heard the first step towards change is making resolutions. So, make adventure a New Year’s resolution this time around, even if it’s just an adventure for your taste buds. Advintage's Jayme, our partner in beer and cinema related crime, has teamed up with us once again for an end of December offering. The theme this month? Out with the old, in with the new. Trust us, no one wants to be left behind in 2016. So, put the bubbly away and get ready for a twist on the old New Year’s classics! Film: Auld Lang Syne We can’t say enough about why we love this film. It’s funny, witty, and honest with a lovely, kind-hearted, amazing team behind its production. What more could you want? Take our word for it and read our review of one of Indie Street’s latest VOD releases. Like popping a bottle of champagne, the film shows us just what happens on New Year’s Eve when secrets between friends get bottled up until the point of exploding pressure. If you like pie, off the wall comedies about the trials and tribulations of human connection and also appreciate the arts and following your passions, you’ve got to check out Auld Lang Syne before the clock strikes midnight! As the old Robert Burns' poem/tune asks, should old acquaintance be forgot? You be the judge! Just don’t do it empty handed! Beer: Malheur Bière Brut Champagne is the obvious choice of liquid magic for ringing in the New Year, but why not take a different corked route to 2017? Malheur may mean "misfortune" in French, but this beer is anything but! Jayme says of his champagne-style beer pick: "Malheur Bière Brut, of the few champagne-style beers I've had, is my favorite. Brewed with champagne yeast and put through the same rigorous process (called methode champenoise, which is rather intensive for a beer if you look into it), it has many of the same characteristics of fine sparkling wine but with the build of a very nice Belgian beer. Crisp and a little sweet with great floral and fruit notes, this is definitely a beer to ring in the new year. Nostrovia!"  There you go: marvelous film, delicious beer. A match made in heaven. End 2016 on a cheery buzz and give our December pairing a try before it’s too late!! We wish you all a happy, healthy and safe New Year! Remember: Drink and watch responsibly!  

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and you know what that means! Food & drinks, family, food & drinks, friends, food & drinks, feeling grateful, food & drinks, Black Friday and oh…did we mention food & drinks? As you juggle stuffing your belly while dealing with family niceties, you might find yourself needing an escape from those awkward gatherings. Why not be prepared this year with a back-up plan? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with another installment of our favorite craft beer and indie film pairings. Fellow beer & film aficionado Jayme, Warehouse Supervisor at Southeastern-based distributor Advintage, has been collaborating with Indie Street for the past few months, introducing us to some of the best in craft beers and VOD films on the market. The theme this month? Coming home, in all of its familiar and awkward splendor! Film: Zach Clark's Little Sister A few months ago we watched and reviewed “Little Sister” while it was still on the festival circuit, eagerly awaiting its release so we could share it with everyone we know. Last month, this indie gem finally hit VOD, its sheer magic still coming as no surprise after a rewatch or two. We can’t recommend this quirky yet down to Earth film enough. A gothic nun tale about returning home, what more could you ask for this Thanksgiving? Colleen, played by an extremely likable Addison Timlin, is a city-based nun about to enter into official sisterhood. An ex-goth and admirer of unusual art forms, she returns to her small, rural hometown in order to reacquaint herself with a family on the brink of a breakdown. A drug dependent mother, failed actor of a father, reckless activist friend and disfigured war vet brother all combine to form a colorful, yet somehow, distinctly real and relatable ensemble. The film touches on both religious and secular undertones, as each character tries to grapple with the concept of normality. And really, what is considered normal these days? “Little Sister” has come out at an extremely relevant time as its plot is set smack dab in the middle of the 2008 Presidential Election. Watch this film, compare and contrast with today - it’s truly eye-opening. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays, we are sure many will be experiencing some rather awkward family conversations at the dinner table. So, ask yourself, despite everything: What is home? What is family? What is forgiveness? And what is the role of comfort and familiarity? God is understood to have created the world in six days - how many days will it take Colleen and pretty much everyone else to salvage their own worlds? With everything going on recently, we deserve this film...and hey, we deserve the perfect beer to top it all off! Beer: Service Brewing Co.’s Compass Rose IPA What sort of beer pairs well with the complicated feelings of returning home? It’s a tough call but Jayme describes his rather unusual but surprisingly relevant pick below: "Compass Rose IPA is one if my favorites as a solid, daily drinking brew. It has a nice, aromatic hop flavor that keeps you coming back. And while this may not seem like the most natural pick for this type of film, I have my reasons: this beer, for some reason, reminds me of the first time I ever had an IPA. It’s forthcoming, unexpected, and altogether different from anything else I have ever had. It made me cringe a little, but I kept coming back and that's why I think this ties well with the movie's theme of an estranged family that you can't avoid forever and that you eventually come to love. Your compass will always point you home. Even better, Service Brewing Co., out of beautiful Savannah, Georgia, is veteran owned and operated, and dedicated to service members everywhere. Taking into account the time period of the film and the situation surrounding Colleen's veteran brother, this beer and film suddenly become a relevant and perfect pairing.” Sometimes coming back home is hard, but we always have that compass (and beer!) helping us along the way. Ease the awkwardness this year by taking our word for it: this is an indie film and craft beer pairing that will have you hooked. Gobble it up, have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you next month with another beer/film pairing!  

Happy Halloween! While the ghouls, ghosts and goblins come out to play, we're over here hiding away with good beer and even better films. Wanna escape the horrors and monsters that roam the night and join us? Well, we've got you covered with the third installment of our new craft beer and indie film pairings. Our collaboration with fellow beer/film lover Jayme G., a Warehouse Supervisor at Southeastern-based distributor Advintage, has introduced us to some of the best in craft beers and VOD films out there. Trick or treat, indeed! The theme this month? Halloween, of course. Costumes, pumpkins and all!
  Film: Bec de Lièvre (Hare Lip) As an underrated short film hiding out on VOD, this emotionally quirky story easily became one of the most memorable films I have seen in a rather long time. This film is the perfect example of short form content doing something far more powerful with a particular idea than a feature could. It's (semi) short and (bitter)sweet - the perfect yet unexpected companion when guzzling down at least one treat (AKA beer) this Halloween. The story actually starts on Halloween night when Alice and Philip, members of two different costumed celebrations at two different apartments, meet on the building's shared porch. One is dressed as a hare and the other as a rabbit. Most will think they see where this little film about two hip and "misunderstood" outsiders is going from the get-go. As expected, an immediate love story blossoms between the two oddballs. They don't fit in at their own parties but somehow this porch becomes their own - a world they secretly build and share together. However, the plot you expected quickly proves anything but normal. Secrets are revealed between the two that immediately change the end goal of this film. Award-winning Canadian director Louis Bélanger has created an emotionally affecting tale with "Hare Lip" - and he ends it with the most appropriate kind of cliff hanger. The twist is so understated, so unexpected and yet so softly and sweetly dealt with, making this an absolute must-see foreign film if you're looking for an international taste of something different this Halloween season. I highly recommend taking 23 minutes of your Halloween to watch this film. The wee rental fee is a small price to pay for getting to experience such a raw, bittersweet portrait of a different kind of love story - giving us a much different POV regarding the horrors of Halloween. Sometimes fear has nothing to do with gore, guts, violence, murder (and clowns, eek). Oftentimes, fear comes in the form of something far more human. So, sit back with this film and make sure to have handful of sugary sweets and a bottle of our featured beer in hand! Beer: Birds Fly South Sour Pumpkin Ale Halloween and pumpkins go together like...well, Christmas and Christmas trees...Valentine's Day and hearts...St. Patrick's Day and luck...You get the picture. When the pumpkin beers started hitting the shelves this year, it was a sign that the seasons were changing and Halloween was right around the corner. So, as it's finally Halloween Day, and pumpkin beer season will soon be over, what better type to feature? Birds Fly South Ale Project is a new Greenville-based wild ale craft brewery, employing open fermentation and progressively old school urban farmhouse techniques. Their Sour Pumpkin Ale is a delicious edition to their new and blossoming lineup. Jayme says of his pick, "Lambics are actually one of my favorite types of beers and I think the sour profile of the Sour Pumpkin Ale happens to blend very well with the toasty pumpkin goodness. The spices used are just right, not too overwhelming like some pumpkin beers come and the alcohol content is just right to get you in the mood for All Hallows Eve and beyond!" With the sour edge of the beer and the bittersweet Halloween angle of "Hare Lip", the two make a combination that is totally unexpected yet ripe for a different kind of strange and spooky experience.
 Honorable mention: Wayerbacher's Imperial Pumpkin AleYes, as you can tell, we are all about the pumpkins over at Indie Street. We couldn't let Jayme's favorite seasonal beer escape the list. "Imperial pumpkin Ale by Wayerbacher, is rather over the top. High alcohol and strong taste make it a great and appropriate choice for Halloween festivities!" Can't argue with that logic!
 Trick or treat (or indie film and beer)! Remember, it's never too late to start supporting your local breweries as well as some amazing (feature length AND short) indie films on VOD! Happy Halloween and everything in between! Cheers!  


When art meets beer, things just get magical. From the graphic design of cans to bottle labels, craft brewing is an exciting platform for both up-and-coming and established artists to find new ways to show off their talents. When you’re sitting at a bar, having a drink (whether alcoholic or just a soda!), how often are you thinking about...the tap handles?! This is actually a business that has totally expanded with the explosion of growth within the craft beer industry itself. If the taste of a beer is gonna stand out, why can’t the contraption used to pour it be flashy as well? Like it or not, for newbies, the look of that tap handle is probably going to go hand in hand with how they perceive the drink before they’ve even taken a sip. Like judging a book by its cover, we should all start appreciating the creativity and marketing potential of these little wooden sticks. Head over to NPR for more info on these snazzy eye catchers and drink dispensers!

Happy Friday, ya'll! If you’re lucky, you bravely face another weekend of relaxation. But how ever will you chill?! We know, it's tough! But we've got you covered with the second installment of our craft beer and indie film pairings. Thanks to our “beery best pal” (see what I did there?) Jayme G., a Warehouse Supervisor at Southeastern-based Distributor Advintage, you're looking at a mighty fine weekend ahead, indeed. The theme this month? Nuts. Lots of them. Film: Nuts! Folks, let's get real with each other. I need to be honest. Sometimes ... just sometimes ... documentaries are lost on me. Not all - just some. I mean, many of my favorite films are docs. It's just that box of cliches you gotta sort through to find the real gems - it gets tiresome. It’s always the same Ken Burns effects, talking heads, narrators, historical fact-spewing, regurgitated mumbo jumbo. I crave (a beer, sure, that's a given) a reality that's truly different. Color me surprised when I finally caught Penny Lane's newest doc and Sundance hit "Nuts!" on Vimeo on Demand a few weeks ago. The film follows the (self-proclaimed “mostly true”) story of Dr. John R. Brinkley. A true eccentric and so-called genius, Brinkley is credited with building an "empire" in early twentieth-century America. How? A goat testicle impotence cure, of course. This doc about a “quack doc” uses a mix of re-enactments (superbly animated), a few interviews, and creatively sourced archival footage. Good goat testicles, a powerful radio station, kinda becoming the Governor of Kansas ... “Nuts!” has it all. Lane shows us the rise and fall of Brinkley in only the most suiting of ways for a story of this nature. And it all builds up for an amazing twist. It's weird, odd, absurd, quirky, bizarre ... where's my thesaurus because I could keep going. Most of all, it's just freaking plain delightful and a real hoot and a half. Watching this feature length doc is a refreshing taste of something new (and I don't mean goat nuts new)! Winner of the 2016 Sundance US Documentary Special Jury Award for Editing, you can catch the film across multiple VOD platforms now, including iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo on Demand, Amazon, Vudu and BitTorrent. Seriously, it's splashed out there AND making a splash. You have no excuse not to see this inventively woven tale. So, why not enjoy this film with an equally as nutty beer - literally!  Beer: River Rat's Peanut Butter Porter! Jayme's beer recommendation happens to come from one of my local hometown breweries: River Rat Brewery. The Brewery was founded in 2013 in Columbia, SC, getting its name from the three rivers that run through the city as well as the working-class men who labored on the canal over a century ago. It was in their honor that River Rat set out to create craft beers that would be thirst quenching and satisfying after a long day's work. We're quite sure Brinkley would have thrown down a pint or two in his day after a grueling few hours of goat nut handling. So, which River Rat beer would suit a film like "Nuts!”?? Only River Rat's finest Kerry's Peanut Butter Porter. With limited availability, it’s one to seek out and find. "Only as heavy as a Porter should be, despite what you may think something like peanut butter would do to a beer. It has the familiar, pleasant taste of the peanut butter without being too sweet," Jayme says of his quite literally nutty pick. Just like Brinkley sweet talked and conned his way through life, let this smooth beer sweet talk its way … right down your throat. No worries, it's just delicious peanut butter. No animals were harmed or castrated in the making of this beer.  Honorable Mention for Design: Bell's Consecrator Doppelbock Come on, this one is a given. And good. Very good.  Remember, it's never too late to start supporting your local breweries as well as some amazing little indie films on VOD - let this nutty pairing be a fruitful start on that trek!  

  Stay tuned for next month, when we jump into delicious Fall and get our Oktoberfest on! Enjoy!

Just like I often get a hankering for cheesy cartoon pizza, there’s been moments while watching a bar scene in a film that I just wish I could walk through the screen and enjoy a pint. Butterbeer in Hog’s Head Inn? Yes, please. And now, thanks to London-based illustrator Tom Ward, I can get a little closer to the real thing! The graphic designer has just shared a series of beer mats based on some of the most iconic bars and pubs from classic movies. From “Pulp Fiction” to “Bugsy Malone”, the beer mats are delightfully believable and thirst quenching! Read more about the design project here and head on over to Ward’s Instagram to see more of his beer mats!

Over here at Indie Street, we are always on the hunt for innovative new films, art, tech and pretty much anyone or anything breaking the mold in unexpected and exciting new ways. However, it gets tough out there on the frontline of self-distribution and sometimes we need to sit back and take a break. The best way to do this? Chilling, having a drink and...staying in discovery mode?! Yes, even in our downtime, we are obsessed with the hunt. And this includes a good…Beer! We continue to look on in awe and amazement at the explosive growth of the craft beer industry. Oftentimes, it’s as innovative and surprisingly unexpected as any film or art form out there. So, naturally, in our downtime, we've decided to start a new collaboration with passionate beer lovers and come up with new film and beer pairings! This month we are teaming up with Jayme G., a Warehouse Supervisor at Advintage, a Southeastern-based Distributor, to come up with our very first pairing. A former film student and current craft beer guru, Jayme G. has both the tastebuds and eyes for a great film and a delicious, refreshing beer. Check out Indie Street’s first collab with Jayme below. The theme? Summer + Surf!  Film: SORRIA. The market may be littered with surf films, but Brazilian film SORRIA does something a little different to set itself apart from the pack. The word “sorria” actually means “smile” in Portuguese. Director Gabriel Novis’ film was his attempt to inspire people, make it known they should always be smiling, and have them go out and enjoy life. As they say, life is too short, don’t take yourself so seriously. The fact that SORRIA is a Brazilian film and we’ve just seen the Rio Summer Games wrap up is another reason we went with this film. Did you know surfing has just been announced as an official Olympic sport for the 2020 Tokyo Games?? And with Mexico, Indonesia, California and Hawaii featured within the film, this is as international as you can get. Another reason to smile! A fun, bizarre little project, at only 42 minutes, this is well worth the watch! SORRIA has even been recently Staff Picked on Vimeo, so it has its fans. You can now rent or buy the film via Vimeo on Demand here or check out the trailer below. Ride the wave, give us a smile, and get ready to wrap up Summer 2016 with a bang! And do it with our featured beer below!  Beer: Fullsteam Summer Basil. Summertime, hot days and beer go hand in hand. But basil beer?! Don’t let the oddness turn you away. Winner of the Best Beer in the first-ever 2015 Southern Living Food Awards, looks like this North Carolina-based beer is worth the sip. Says Jayme of his choice, “Fullsteam's Summer Basil is about as refreshing as warm-weather beers come. Saisons are great for this season, and the addition of something fresh like basil really gives it some depth that other summer beers lack. The flavor of the beer changes from batch to batch as they get the basil at different points of the season, resulting in the beer always tasting a little different. I guess you could say Summer Basil also “changes with the tides” making this fresh and seasonal beer a perfect pairing for a surf film like SORRIA.” Well, we can’t argue with that logic! Give us a Fullsteam Summer Basil Farmouse Ale (or as they are calling their latest batch, "Southern Basil"), a beach and a front row seat to some surfing…we will be smiling for sure.  Honorable Mention for Design: Coast Brewing's Dead Arm American Pale Ale. We're throwing an honorable mention out to Dead Arm American Pale Ale by Coast Brewing, simply for the sake of its can design. With a surfer riding a wave that also happens to pretty much morph into the jawline of a watery skull, this pairing seemed unmistakably destined to be. “A hoppy, sessionable ale that goes great with sun, sand and salt!” exclaims Jayme. Right on! From an East Coast brewery with a West Coast vibe, Dead Arm suits the refreshing international energy that Sorria radiates.  So, sit back, cold one in hand, ready to chill, take in some gnarly surfing and SMILE. We got you!  Stay tuned for next month, when we “brew up” another great pairing of film and craft beer for your viewing and drinking pleasure! 


Happy IPA Day! While I'm not too biased when it comes to beer, I can be a bit partial when a good, hoppy West Coast Style IPA is put in front of me - which is why I'm treating today like a holiday! In honor of this great day, I want to introduce the Indie Street audience to a pretty rad beer-related website: Oh Beautiful Beer is a curated selection of labels, cartons and everything in between, operating with the intention of celebrating both the innovative and inspiring graphic design you can find within the world of beer. OBB has been running for a few years now but stays consistently updated so you can make sure you are not only drinking the best beers out there but also the most beautiful and unique looking ones as well! We went through and picked out some of our favorite IPA labels ( and a bonus "Special" Lager label :] ) as inspiration for the day but you can check out what suits both your taste buds and design eyes by checking out the website here!  

As a fan of enjoying a good craft beer with an even (hopefully) better film, I'm always excited to stumble across innovative ways beer and movies converge. Imagine my delight when I discovered the genius of Beer Mat Movies. The twitter page is a witty collection of micro-film reviews written on a single beer mat (AKA beer coaster) for those "on the go". If it don't fit, it don't fly. From recent reviews of mainstream fare like "X-Men: Apocalypse" to kid friendly films like "Zootropolis" and indie horrors such as "The Witch", the extremely concise beer-drinking, film-loving person behind the tweets offers a hilarious new way of analyzing and criticizing film all the while making use of what's under your beer. Keepin' it simple has earned them over 600 followers + counting! As they say, "If you can't sum up your opinion of a film on a beer mat, you're being pretentious." Grab a cold one and check out Beer Mat Movies' twitter to read up on some of their pretty on point, witty reviews.