While developments in the digital video synth world are making leaps and bounds, we can’t forget the fun of playing around with analog systems. Melbourne-based animator & sound designer, Robert Jordan, still sees the demand and has created a new Video Equation system that allows users to create all kinds of twisting colors, shapes and patterns. Jordan’s goal was to create a visual instrument that people could think of as a sort of video drum machine. The system uses math to create, as Jordan says, “rippling lo-fi seas of color, acid trip roguelikes, glitching fractals, visions of an 80s techno dream and worlds of crashing computer programs.” Interested? Read more about the project here and be sure to check out the Video Equations Kickstarter

Sticking with an ever-growing trend of artists moving toward temporary or perishable media, Andres Amador introduces his own unique medium. Living in San Francisco, the artist uses the beach at low-tide as his canvas, allowing him to uplift contrasting sand colors to reveal his captivating designs.

Collaborating with both nature and time, Andy Goldsworthy creates amazing spectacles of natural expression that are by nature disposable at some point in their own existence. In his words he takes each of his works "to the very edge of its own collapse." Photography hardcovers and a movie (Rivers & Tides) on his work can be purchased at Amazon.

Embrace the Shake: Phil Hansen's art of the imperfect.

Artist Phil Hansen shows us another great example of turning what some might see as a handicap into a unique advantage in his craft.  He uses unique media (his torso, x-rays, a tricycle...) to create his version of meta-art, videos that document the creation process -- showing that art is action, not just result.

Have you seen the Strandbeest?

If you have not heard of Theo Jansen and his ongoing 20+ year project Strandbeest (Beach Animals), we would like to introduce you. These mystical moving creatures are kinetic sculptures the Dutch artist builds from PVC and move from mostly wind energy. Here is a black and white compilation he recently released of different sub species of the Strandbeest over the past two decades. #Breathtaking

EtchaSketch taken to serious depths of creation

Kseniya Simonova's live sand animation performance on the Ukraine's Got Talent is something to behold. Her passion and storytelling that is engraved in her performance brings the audience to tears. This dedication to the tragedies of WWII is as powerful a 10 minutes of artistic expression that we have seen in quite some time. Looks like Ukraine really does "got talent".

Allan Teger is one of those artists that starts with a beautiful backdrop, and let's his imagination run from there. His "bodyscapes" series is a re invention of one of the most depicted subjects throughout the history of art: and that is the female form. We are just glad he stuck to females…no offense guys but a jungle scene on a man's body just might not strike us as art. You can buy Allan's discussion starting coffee table book here on Amazon.

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The Canadian Olympic Skeleton team is leading the way with artistic expression of individuality within a very traditional arena.  Adding a little "cool" to less popular olympic sports really should be a trend that would help the exposure of the athletes (and the ratings).   There might be a valid debate here against the progression of olympics away from traditional country colors, but on Indie Street, we love when art pops its head up in unexpected places.  And let's face it, the sport of "skeleton" should thank the Canadians, because I know I wouldn't be writing about or watching it if it weren't for these dope helmets.  I personally can't wait til 2018…I am really looking forward to the custom design brooms on display during the Curling competition.  

Mellisa Hollingsworth

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Sarah Reid

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John Fairbairn

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Eric Neilson

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photos by Getty Images (in order, RICHARD HEATHCOTE, JOHN MACDOUGALL, TODD KOROL(2))