Hungry for a little snack? Well then, if you're France, you should probably look elsewhere. However, are you hungry for a little story? Then you're in luck! Apparently, vending machines offering short stories instead of sugary snacks and drinks have been popping up around France. Imagined by Short Edition, an innovative publishing company, the machines offer 1, 3, or 5-minute reads which are randomly selected from their catalogue. Nothing like a delicious snack size helping of literature! To learn more about the Short Story Dispenser project, click here!

In ‘Light Barrier’, a new installation by artist duo Kimchi and Chips, a light show uses a “beehive” of mirrors to create holographic light drawings seemingly floating in mid-air! How does it work? Eight projectors shoot beams of light onto a grouping of concave mirrors that reflect the light back into the air. Adding fog brings dimension to the reflected light, allowing it to appear as different manipulated shapes and drawings. Every mirror is controlled electronically to form different groups that concentrate those beams of light into various images. ‘Light Barrier’ is experimenting with a new concept of “viewer-less” images, “creating painting outside of perspective”. We love the idea of exploring news methods of audience viewing, whether with film or just with a few hundred mirrors and some light! Check out more about Kimchi and Chips' third and largest iteration of ‘Light Barrier’ via Creators now!

Wanna turn your videos inside out with the quick use of an app? Well, great video filter apps are actually hard to come by - so, this is where Hyperspektiv comes in. An iOS app created by Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob (with help from music producer Dean Grenier and programmer Allan Lavell), Hyperspektiv is being billed as a “reality distortion” app. From psychedelic effects to glitches and more, all you gotta do is simply walk around, point your phone at pretty much anything and let the trippy, out of this world effects do all the work. Head over to Creators to learn more about the creation of Hyperspektiv and get a sneak peak at some of the awesome, mind-blowing tricks you can perform with a few of its filters.

Over here at Indie Street, we know art can get a little weird sometimes. And we love a good innovative weirdo! Discovering media artist ::vtol:: and his latest work is right up there with some of the most bizarre things we’ve seen lately. In “Until I Die”, ::vtol:: uses over 4 liters of his own blood to generate electricity in order to create electronic sounds. The blood was collected over the course of 8 months and put into a very unique type of battery. Electrolyte liquid and metals are used as power sources for an electronic synth module. From here, sound compositions are played from a speaker. Definitely a wonder to hear and behold, giving the act of donating blood a whole new meaning. A feast for a vampire or a performance art and sound piece worth checking out below! 

Every year, Canary Wharf, an area of London more known for its suits than its artistic vibrancy, gladly welcomes the Winter Lights Festival to its area. The annual light installation and interactive art festival featured 30 new works in January, spanning across Canary Wharf. All unique in the way in which they interacted with the environment and their audience, each glittered and reflected off the steel beams and glass windows of the surrounding financial hub and River Thames. Colored lights, massive structures and soundscapes sound like your thing? Loosen that tie, put down your suitcase and get ready to be dazzled. Head over to The Creators Project to see images from the 2017 edition of the Winter Lights Festival!

Get Lost in a Psychedelic World of Colored Liquid

It’s Friday - time to get funky by checking out Russian filmmaker Ruslan Khasanov’s latest work, “La La La” (not to be confused with "La La Land"). A trippy macro world of colorful liquids that make for a visually psychedelic experience, the piece is one eye-opening, technicolor explosion worth checking out. Khasanov shot the colored liquids mixing with oil in 4K with macros lenses and then created the hypnotic results with Photoshop and After Effects. Get ready to unwind from a long post-holiday work week and get lost in the magical liquid world of “La La La”! To learn more about the work, head over to The Creators Project.   

Digital glitch artist Zouassi’s work is created on a foundation of psychedelic abstract patterns and neon colors. By using public domain sites, free software, apps and the concept of social sharing, Zouassi’s work pools from so many open source resources that each piece of art is never the same…yet they are all just as captivating! Without much of a formal art background and equipped with only an iPhone and galleries from sites such as Getty Images, his work draws us into a world of melting, morphing and hypnotizing imagery and teaches us that there is never a limit to where one can draw inspiration from. You can check out Zouassi’s store and follow him on Instagram. You can also read more about him over on The Creators Project.

If you’re a fan of all things weird in film and you’ve never heard of Something Weird Video, you should probably get acquainted with their work. Since 1990, they’ve been distributing some of the best and worst exploitation films from the 60s and 70s. And now the largest non-profit genre film archive in the world AKA Alamo Drafthouse’s American Genre Film Archive is teaming up with Something Weird in order to preserve some of the sleaziest mid-century films out there. The first wave of films will be transferred at 4K resolution and get distribution to home video and theaters next year! Each release will feature not only the main film but also B-side bonus features and goodies such as trailers and commentary by filmmakers. If you’re a grindhouse, drive-in, exploitation, or cult film fan or just have a general appreciation for the totally bizarre and sleazy, head over to A.V. Club to read up on more of the preservation initiative!

PARTY ANIMAL is an art project out of Japan that features something “exciting, magical and fun”. Simply fireworks that look like...well, animals...the silly little project is straighforward but a pure joy! Never too early to gear up for the approaching July 4th firework season! Let the pictures speak for themselves and check out the explosive little creatures here.

For centuries, stained glass and churches have gone hand in hand…but what about a church turned into a lake of colored glass? Sounds bizarre, but this is exactly what artist Liz West has created with her new installation at 20-21 Visual Arts Center at the former St. John’s Church in England. The scattered sea of multi-colored glass, entitled “Our Colour Reflection”, features more than 700 colored mirrors that have been installed on the floor of the old gothic church. Considering it as a former place of worship, West stated, “This has allowed me to make sure the work is grounded within its site but also holds its own voice within the grandeur and information that the space brings to the conversation…”. If you find yourself around Scunthorpe, England, be sure to check out the ethereal piece! Read more about its creation here.