The future of the movie theater going experience may be set to change very soon. Vue Cinemas, one of the UK’s biggest movie theater chains, has just teamed up with Ourscreen, a social crowdfunding platform for film programming. Why, you may ask? Well, Ourscreen functions as a platform that allows audience members to vote on a certain film to be screened by committing to buying a ticket in advance. Through this collaboration, Vue Cinema just revealed that it has plans to allow film fans to pick their favorites from Vue’s library selection of over 400 films. Ourscreen works by allowing interested users to sign up for existing film “events” or even create their own potential screening. Just like other crowdfunding concepts, if the “event” gets enough interested parties, it’ll happen. If not, the screening is kaput and no one is charged a penny. Ourscreen has already teamed up with a number of cinemas, but with Vue onboard, this is a major step for the already fledgling platform. The curated catalog includes a choice of modern day hits, cult films, foreign language flicks, independent films and a little of everything in between. With cinema now in the “on demand era”, will this help bridge the gap and bring a fresh perspective to the concept of the dying movie theater? Read more here!