As trippy as they come, Eiichi Yamamoto's nearly forgotten animated erotic film 'Belladonna of Sadness' is finally going to get a theatrical release by US distributor Cinelicious Pics. To mark the 1973 film’s upcoming release, there’s a brand new trailer out that’s sure to get the curious even more curious. Twitch film calls it, “A remarkable piece of feminist fantasy horror that must be seen to be believed” and well, we will believe the hype. Having restored the film to a modern 4K glory, Cinelicious Pics has also partnered with Hat & Beard Press to put together a limited edition 220 page book to commemorate the artwork from the film. Ain’t it Cool News names the film, “One of the greatest underground altered-states movies ever made.” Specific? Yes. Worth at least checking out the trailer? Totally. Check it out here.