In the world of virtual reality, all eyes are on 2017. Though the technology shipped out and started to become a bit more mainstream in 2016, this is the year of possibilities for VR advancement. VR installations and centers are on the rise, allowing consumers of the media to try out new experiences without investing in the gear. One of the companies heading in this direction? None other than IMAX. Known for bringing larger than life experiences to larger than life screens, the IMAX VR Experience Center in Los Angeles had its soft launch last month. And the company plans on rolling out even more VR centers around the world! Read more about the different options you can partake in at the LA flagship over The Verge!

Tiny homes are like smartphones. Taken as a whole, both can be life changing, but both require compromises. If you were to buy a dedicated camera you wouldn’t buy the shooter inside the iPhone 6 Plus. You also wouldn’t buy its mic for a recording studio, or its display and speaker for your home entertainment center. But together, each is perfectly optimized into the space available and the price and experience desired. Read more