Ah, films. Some are beautiful, touching, and romantic. Others are funny, strange and absurd. And then, every once in awhile, there’s...that one. Yes, THAT one. It looks like audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival have discovered just what THAT means. The festival wraps up this weekend, and though over 400 different films were screened during its course, the horror film “Raw” made quite the lasting impression. According to The Hollywood Reporter, paramedics were called to the midnight showing of the French-language cannibal feature. Why? Multiple people had to be treated for passing out! Julia Ducournau’s feature debut follows the story of a young girl that goes through a humiliating hazing ritual at veterinary school. After being forced to eat a raw rabbit liver, her craving for flesh starts to grow. No word on which scene caused the medical mayhem but we look forward to catching the film upon its release by Focus World. Read more on the incident here.