Short of The Week: Baby

The story of a woman looking to escape her problems at the bottom of a Vodka bottle, Samuel Aaron Bennett’s Baby is a contemplative short that centres around themes of parenthood and responsibility. Premiering earlier this year at SXSW, Bennett’s film cleverly mixes dark-humour with some heavy subject matter to create a film which is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

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Love/hate the Oscars? Join the party. While we always like to see a bit more flavor and variety in the nominee and winner mix, we can’t deny our affinity for the buzz and excitement that surrounds awards weekend. We are film lovers after all. Well, color us excited this week because the nominations officially are in! And not just for features. Don’t forget: short films are always the underrated gems of the Oscars, so show your support by getting acquainted with the line ups. Short of the Week has collected trailers for the all of the 5 short film nominees in each category: Animation, Live-Action and Documentary, as well as information on how you can catch the full versions of a handful of the shorts right now. We are familiarizing ourselves with the films as we speak and cannot wait until February rolls around to see who comes out on top! Head over to Short of the Week to get in on the trailer action now!