If you haven't heard of Seed & Spark CrowdFunding, it's about time you have taken notice to their community approach to crowdfunding. Check out and support this worthy project: A homeless kid from South Africa attracts international attention with his effortless style on a board and is invited to travel to the US to skate with the pros. The film explores what it really takes to rise up out of circumstances and make a place for himself in the world.

A movie about a kleptomaniac, trying to control an uncontrollable world. Brought to you by Jack Lawrence Mayer who, co-wrote and directed, Single Long, a HBO GO digital comedy. Jack's hopes are high for his latest crowd-funded film "This short will be my first attempt to execute a fluid, free-flowing narrative that jumps back and forth in time, and in and out of reality, day dream, fantasy, and memory, and does so without any delineation of style. The film flows at one pace, in one voice, with the scenes bleeding and meshing into one another. The goal is to create a sense of being immersed in one person's present-tense psychological state -- to replicate the feeling of thinking aimlessly while taking a walk. I am hoping to develop this style further with a feature screenplay in the coming year(s), so a short film is the best place to start trying to push the boundaries of how I formally tell stories," he said. Help this movie cover its production costs, click here.

Actor/Director Megan Brotheron is looking for support through Seed & Spark to create what we believe has the making of a poignant and hilarious short film. Comedically bringing levity to the realities of female sexuality is a theme that, if executed well, may have feature length potential in the realm of "Tiny Furniture".
Synopsis: Under orders of her therapist, a quirky young woman must overcome public anxiety, overbearing roommates and her own sexual repression to masturbate for the very first time.