While the past two weeks have been filled with social media memes, scandal, lies, and intrigue, we've also seen the usual inspirational gold-medal winning performances, surprising upsets and underdog stories we’ve all come to expect and love from a highly-produced Olympic broadcast. While the Games may be wrapping up this weekend and the world may have, for better or for worse, crafted a new opinion of Rio, there are still some amazing hidden gems around the city that can still be discovered long after the games. Instawalk Rio is a walkable route on Instagram that showcases some of the best in urban street art around the city. Both pre-existing work and newly commissioned work is featured. Some notable work includes Jorge Selarón’s famous steps in Lapa and and São Paulo artist Eduardo Kobra’s giant “Todos somos um” (We Are All One) mural, which was commissioned for Praça Mauá’s Boulevard Olímpico Site. Whether you are in Rio, plan to go in the future or can’t manage the trip, everyone can experience a little bit of the vibrant and colorful Rio culture through this project. You can read more about the project here. To view all of the images and the complete route map, you can visit InstaWalkRio