RIO 2016

It’s hard to believe yet another Summer Olympic Games are right around the corner! You might be wondering why I’m referencing a sporting event on an independent film and art-centric blog - well, the awesome thing about the Rio Games is that, just days before the opening ceremonies kick off, a world record attempt will also be kicking off. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with athletic prowess. This will be Brazilian graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra’s attempt to design and paint the world’s largest mural created by a single artist. 15.5 metres tall, 190 metres long and nearly 2,945 sq miles in size, this mural, titled “Ethnicities”, could just be one of the largest of its kind in the entire world. The street where the mural is being created is part of Olympic Blvd, a live site that will be offering coverage of the Games on big screens, stages for live music, street art, nightly fireworks and many other activities throughout the Olympic run. Kobra stated that the mural is all about building on the theme that we are all connected despite the ongoing conflicts and confusion throughout the world. Who said the Olympics were just about athleticism and national pride? Read more about the artist, the mural and what it takes to break a world record here!