In celebration of Indie Street’s VOD release of scifi film “Sankofa”, we’re checking out some of the best in astronomy photos from this year! Earlier last month, the 2016 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Awards released their winning photographs (or “astrophotographs”) to the public. A mix of both professional and amateur astrophotographers’ work was celebrated - with images of the solar eclipse, moon, dwarf galaxies, and stars on display. Check out the otherworldly images and be prepared to be awestruck by the beauty and mystery of our universe!

Spanning across 50 different brick buildings, a giant graffiti (or more specifically, "calligraffiti") mural has taken shape in Cairo’s Manshiyat Naser ward - better known as the infamous “Garbage City”. Home to about 60,000 trash pickers in Egypt, French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed picked this location as a way to bring global attention to the contrast between the success of the community’s recycling/garbage system and the squalor of its inhabitants and surroundings. While the Coptic community has collected trash for the city over the past few decades and has created one of the most effective and profitable recycling systems in the world, the area is still perceived as dirty and segregated. Many do not have electricity and make a living by reselling the garbage they have collected.  The 50-building artwork, titled “Perception”, is a sort of optical illusion, illustrating the work’s message about shifting POV’s and location. The only way you can see the whole message of the graffiti is when standing from a specific spot on the nearby Moqattam Mountain.  To learn about about the fascinating work that eL Seed put into “Perception”, read here.