Over here at Indie Street, we are always thinking about alternative modes of distribution in order to get films to new audiences. But hand in hand with distribution, it’s always good to think about exhibition practices as well. It seems AMC Theatres is looking to get a bit controversial with their methods. Their potential next move may just be another act in the ever-changing landscape of the future of movie theatres. In an effort to bring in more (younger) customers, the theatre chain was apparently exploring ways in which moviegoers would be allowed to use their cellphones during films. They have a long way to go in figuring out a way to allow these targeted millennials to text without distracting and scaring away the older generations that do want to watch in peace. The idea has been getting a lot of backlash and has even been refuted by others after CEO Adam Aron’s original remarks, but if people are already even just thinking this way about the future, maybe we should be sitting up a bit and listening. Read here to learn more about the reasonings behind Aron’s millennial approach.