Sometimes fast food just isn't fast enough. A new highly automated restaurant that opened in San Francisco on Monday looks to speed service through efficiency — you won't see any people taking your order or serving you at the Eatsa quinoa eatery.

It could be the latest sign that the industry is heading toward a more robotic future, a move some analysts say will be accelerated by the push to boost the minimum wagethat so many fast-food workers rely on. Read More

When art meets beer, things just get magical. From the graphic design of cans to bottle labels, craft brewing is an exciting platform for both up-and-coming and established artists to find new ways to show off their talents. When you’re sitting at a bar, having a drink (whether alcoholic or just a soda!), how often are you thinking about...the tap handles?! This is actually a business that has totally expanded with the explosion of growth within the craft beer industry itself. If the taste of a beer is gonna stand out, why can’t the contraption used to pour it be flashy as well? Like it or not, for newbies, the look of that tap handle is probably going to go hand in hand with how they perceive the drink before they’ve even taken a sip. Like judging a book by its cover, we should all start appreciating the creativity and marketing potential of these little wooden sticks. Head over to NPR for more info on these snazzy eye catchers and drink dispensers!

Hey, it's Easter! Spring is officially here, as is the Easter bunny and (hopefully) lots of chocolate! Curious about the assorted histories behind the art of the easter egg? Sit back with some peeps and read up on the history of the Ukranian pysanky, an egg decorated using a delicate, traditional method involving a stylus and wax.

Composer Olivia Block recently found a new source of inspiration and sound for her musical arrangements: noise. Anything from trains, machinery, to talking and everything inbetween, urban ambience holds a sense of musicality to her ear.After purchasing an old tape recorder that had an unlabeled, used tape inside of it, Block wasted no time and listened to what happened to be the ghostly voice of a man back in 1988, listing businesses and addresses into the recorder. With a newfound fascination with sounds that shouldn't be heard or even appreciated and given a second thought, Block now collects these tiny cassettes. She often uses the forgotten analogue voices and random noises in her arrangements. To hear more about Block's love of Chicago city sounds, check out her interview with NRP.

He was called the Sultan of Shock and the Guru of Gore: Wes Craven, who died Sunday, directed dozens of now-classic horror movies, including A Nightmare on Elm Street and all of the Scream films.

Scream, from 1996, is an expert parody of horror movies, filled with inside jokes — like the girl alone in the house who gets a phone call that's coming from closer than she thinks. Writer Kevin Williamson made it funny. Craven made it scary. Read more

Documentary photographer Dorothea Lange had a favorite saying: "A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera." And perhaps no one did more to reveal the human toll of the Great Depression than Lange, who was born on this day in 1895. Her photographs gave us an unflinching — but also deeply humanizing — look at the struggles of displaced farmers, migrant laborers, sharecroppers and others at the bottom of the American farm economy as it reeled through the 1930s. See full photo spread here

How often does this happen: You're listening to a news story describing some problem halfway around the world and you say to yourself, "I know how to fix that!" It's not your area of expertise. It's not a place you know. But you are sure that if you went there you could solve the problem. Los Angeles artist Mary Beth Heffernan is the rare person who decided to actually give it a try. Last summer, Heffernan, who is also an art professor at Occidental College, became obsessed with Ebola — particularly the images of the health care workers in those protective suits, or PPE as they're called for short. Read more