After an inspiring week of watching innovative new indie films throughout the second annual Indie Street Film Festival in Red Bank, NJ, as a film lover, it seems only natural to keep thinking about what make or breaks a film. No Film School is here to help! Their recent opinion piece breaks down the three-act story structure we've come to recognize (and expect) in films and discusses whether this formula is helping or destroying what the concept of indie film actually offers to the world. Expand your thoughts on the subject matter and head over to No Film School to learn more!

Even if you’re an emerging or already established documentary filmmaker, you’re probably always looking for ways to sharpen and hone your filmmaking skills. Good news: The UnionDocs Centre for Documentary Arts has a new opportunity (or two!) open for applications. With an already strong reputation throughout the film industry, UnionDocs will be offering two collaborative labs: The Collaborative Studio and the Summer Documentary Intensive. These labs are open to both domestic and international applicants with application submissions due at the end of March/beginning of April. Read here for more details on what each program offers along with their costs. Winners have gone on to screen at numerous highly respected documentary film festivals worldwide. If you think you have what it takes and are interested, you can apply now over at the UnionDocs site.