As a confusing, turbulent 2016 comes to an end and we face an uncertain future ahead with the approaching new year, it’s safe to say that things are changing. The world is changing. People are changing. On top of everything, film distribution is changing as well. Award-winning film “Love is All You Need?” is shaking up the self-distribution field a bit and taking heed of both political and cultural current events by doing things a little differently and donating all of their traditional film distribution profits to charities. Based on a viral short film, director and co-writer Kim Rocco Shields has created a $1 million fund for the film to be distributed to 20 nonprofits that partnered with her during the “Love is All You Need?” MovieMent tour. The film toured 20 cities in recognition of the true events depicted in the film - a film that asks us: what would happen if being straight was a sin and sexual "norms" as we know them were flipped? How do we live if we can't love? Once the film reaches 1 million views, the fund will be activated and the proceeds will be disbursed to the nonprofits. This is a timely film with quite the inspiring charitable initiative. Check out Shields' exclusive interview with PR Newswire and read more about the film over at Make sure to watch over on iTunes to contribute to the right kind of change we all need in this country!

Just released this week on Vimeo, A Song Still Inside is a character driven drama that draws you in while quietly provoking suspense. The film is a gutsy emotional dissection of love submerged in our changing gender roles. It is wonderfully shot and acted...much congrats from IndieStreet to this successful directorial debut film from Gregory Collins. (starring Rodrigo Lopresti, Susan Highsmith, and Jayce Bartok) Purchase the film on Vimeo on Demand by clicking here:

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski is one of our favorite satirical illustrators in the world. He offers a truly unique style and tackles many of the world's complex issues with his unique visions. From light hearted social media pieces to heavier human rights, he is an artist who makes his audience really think hard about the world and society they live in. These our are favorites to date, but you can check out his Facebook page here for more works from his ten years of creating illustrations.  


satire_brushes satire_shit_talk





On IndieStreet we love innovative environmental concepts, and we love cold beer! A Danish firm has combined these two loves with their underground beer fridge that can be sunk into the garden or terrace. It takes advantage of the cooler underground conditions to keep your beers chilled. How do you say street creds in Danish? You can learn more about the company and buy the eCool here. It's currently priced at $349.00. As they say at eCool: Lets "Save the world - one earth-cooled beer at a time"