"We Are the Night" Bacardi Ad by Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry is a man of many talents - filmmaker, music video director, commercial maker. In all of his work, he always creates vivid, quirky little worlds that only his talents and visions can produce. His new ad for Bacardi is no different. A little more down to Earth in terms of over-the-top flair, the popular rum company's commercial is still a lot of fun and totally in line with Gondry's brand of whimsy. The ad follows a cab as it travels through a city full of stereotypes of late night revelers: “glow gals” on their phones, “ice maidens” who don’t care to don a coat despite the weather, “coat check skippers” that party in parkas, “midnight feasters” (me), “last-train sprinters” - the list goes on. Featuring a tunnel with walls that resemble a disco ball, it’s hard not to spot your party-self in here somewhere. As the ad states: “We Are The Night”. Head here to check out more about the "groovy" ad. While you’re at it, you can check out Gondry's most recent music video for The White Stripes here. Also, be sure to catch his newest film “Microbe and Gasoline”, a coming of age road trip story.    


Watch "Florida Man": A documentary by Sean Dunne

Check out the latest documentary from our partner filmmaker Sean Dunne, free to screen, a compelling and hugely entertaining ride. Sean reflects on the doc, saying,"I really wanted Florida Man to open us up and gain permission from our audience to get loose and make films that aren’t necessarily about any one thing. In the process I feel like we made a film that is kind of about everything. We purposely set out to make a film that was hard to describe, a film that you have to experience, something that transcends the current confines of this beautiful medium. If viewers feel like they were there with us, like they were laughing with Florida Man, not at him, then we’ve done our job. Well-made documentaries, in my opinion, should leave you feeling introspective, not judgmental, not above the subject, but one with them. That’s what we were trying to accomplish with Florida Man."

Spirit Award Nominated, Must See: “20,000 Days on Earth”

20,000 Days On Earth is an inventive, lyrical ode to creativity and an intimate examination of the artistic process of musician and cultural icon Nick Cave. In their debut feature, directors Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard fuse drama and documentary, weaving a staged day in Cave’s life with never-before-seen verité observation of his creative cycle. It features those who have affected his life, including wry tales from the road shared with his regular collaborator, the multi- instrumentalist Warren Ellis; actor and friend Ray Winstone; and Kylie Minogue, who shared a duet with Cave in the breakout hit "Where the Wild Roses Grow." These voices from the past revisit Cave in daydream-like scenes as he sits behind the wheel, driving through his adopted hometown of Brighton, England.

Neither a music documentary nor a concert film, 20,000 Days On Earth still contains electrifying performances. Audiences see a song grow from the tiniest of ideas to an epic performance at Sydney Opera House. Cave also opens up to a psychoanalyst as he discusses how his early years continue to inform his work, and journeys through his memories via mementos from his personal archive. This category-defying film pushes the form into new territory, exploring universal themes about artistry and celebrating the transformative power of the creative spirit.

Musical Artist in the Street Light March '14: Ocean Calling

"Endlessly Roaming We'll Glow" one of many solid lyrics from a song that we are happy we were turned onto in its youth. With only 234 hits on youtube when I saw it early this morning (2amEST), I'm happy to predict 100k plus for this new artist. (And the talented Sophie Locke will owe it all to IndieStreet's featured post!) Okay fine, it's just an awesome song and a fun music video. Street Creds to Ocean Calling for wielding some soul and adventure into an electronic-pop style. Follow Ocean Calling on twitter and Facebook, we know we will be waiting for more!

Manicanparty - Dec'13 Artist in the Streetlight

Sure stemming from Brooklyn seed gives us a bit of prejudice, but we would get behind this talented indie tribal pop duo even if they came from Mars. And their amazing EP is free on SoundCloud. Just trust us, you will be entranced.

Ben Kahn: Jan '14 Musical Artist in the Streetlight

Ben Kahn represents what IndieStreet loves to salute and expose in Indie music and Indie film. He has stayed away from the spot light (so far) while simply creating amazing music. London based producer/song writer/mystery man has blown us away with his hypnotically crafted sounds and the provocative entrancing mash-up of images of his music videos. Check out all 3 cuts to date on his youtube channel, and look for more from this brilliant off the radar musical beast.

Feb '14 - Musical Artist in the Streetlight

In some sort of prophetic tribute to Daft Punk's Grammy wins, this month's Artist in the streetlight is Jagwar Ma. In our humble opinion, Jagwar Ma's next album (that may still just be a brainchild today) will take their 'fluid breakbeats and classic psychedelic effects' to new heights…IndieStreet predicts it to be in serious contention for a Grammy in 2015/2016 depending on release date… According to Ian Cohen (@en_cohen) from Pitchfork, "Howlin’ ensures everybody will be dancing, few will be doin' it right, but they'll all be feelin’ alright regardless." Off-beat happiness is what started daft punk on the path to greatness! 2013 album "Hustlin" on Spotify Best Album Review we found:

April '14 Musical Artist in the Street Light: DESPOT

Despot is a rapper from Queens, NY who has been kind of harassed about how long it is taking him to put out his debut solo album. Indie Street is here to defend this beast of a lyricist.  It has been a decade since he was signed by Definitive Jux, and Despot continues to grow his fan base with appearances and killer hip hop singles like Look Alive and House Full of Bricks.  year in and year out.  Indie Street salutes the perfectionist approach, and will be ready to rep the album whether it drops in 2014 or 2041.  No one hates on that dude who directed Titanic when it takes him 10 years to drop his next blockbuster.  Stay the course Despot, James Cameron type bankroll is in your future.  You can follow him on Facebook here.

Head over Heels (Short Film)

This is a short film with huge heart.  Nominated for an Oscar in 2012, we are happy this stop animation film, written & directed by Timothy Reckart, has gained some notice from both IndieStreet and mainstream alike.  Enjoy.

"The Heat": a short film that inspires us to kick ass in

"The Heat" is a short documentary about Heather "The Heat" Hardy, a single mother and professional boxer who was displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Heather uses fighting to provide a living for her and her daughter, Annie, while simultaneously pushing the sport of women's boxing into the mainstream.

If falling from "43,000 feet", what would you think about?

When statistician John Wilkins is sucked out of a plane at 43000 feet, he calculates that he has exactly 3 minutes and 48 seconds before he hits the ground. Director Campbell Hooper brings us some candid and stylistically filmed advice in this Indie short which we discovered via "Short of the Week". who always come correct with some great curation to the world of short film!