Featured (Dream) Short: Beemus, It’ll End in Tears

For this week’s featured short, Indie Street is trying something a teeny bit different - both in terms of concept inception and storyline. Lauren Wolkstein’s “Beemus, It’ll End in Tears” is more than just a kooky little experimental narrative short that’ll leave you feeling oddly nostalgic for a PE class of yesteryear. Is the feeling of watching this short akin to a dream or deja vu? Well, if it helps wrap your mind around it, the short actually exists as part of a larger feature film compilation project called "collective:unconscious”! Five talented and adventurous up-and-coming indie filmmakers (click here for the full roster) joined forces to adapt each other's stories. And by stories, I mean, well, dreams. Yes, you read correctly. "collective:unconscious” explores highly imaginative and creative individuals’ interpretations of their fellow filmmakers sometimes kooky, bizarre, serious, philosophical and/or downright randomly delightful nighttime brain journeys. To put it simply, each of the filmmakers had dreams and those dreams were then imagined on screen by one of the other five. The result is a feature film compilation unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. And as of August the 9th, you can enjoy the full feature and SXSW hit for free via Vimeo. In this subsequent segment of the feature, director Lauren Wolkstein adapts Frances Bodomo's dream. The synopsis is basically described as this: “My PE class and I are stuck in a volcano and we’re being made to drink hair in soap water to stop from getting blown up by the volcano-master (who has a walrus mustache).” With that material, Wolkstein delivers us a stylized, vaguely Wes Anderson looking short that goes somewhere you totally weren’t expecting. Suddenly, the awkward nightmarish role of gym class comes flooding back in a way you can't quite put your finger on. Was it all just a dream? A new way of seeing things that are sometimes only visually known in our own heads, Wolkstein’s “Beemus, It’ll End in Tears” is a great teaser to the full film, one imaged by Producer Dan Schoenbrun, Former Senior Film Outreach Lead At Kickstarter. So, what are you waiting for? This is a bold new form of storytelling on film that must be watched to believe! Check out the short, sleep on it (sweet dreams indeed!) and why not check out the full compilation of other shorts here! (Hint: starting with the Bodomo's one line blurb above before watching the film is a pretty nifty way of comparing the final product with your own vision of the dream.) Want to watch even more amazing short films? Make sure to check out some of the best, right here on Indie Street! 

A must see film for ALL travelers: "Gringo Trails"

The more humans that travel our Earth, the more important it is to comprehend the impact of those travels. Humans all are searching for something when we travel; being honest about what exactly we want from our expeditions is almost as important about informing ourselves about the places we visit. Gringo Trails offers us multiple points of view on the important effects of global tourism in a very personal manner. This film from our new friends Pegi Vail and Melvin Estrella, combines elegant cinematography with poignant storytelling to reveal a story that the audience has the power to help write (and right) in the future. To request an educational screening or purchase the film, go to Icarus Films. Visit the Gringo Trails website and Gringo Trails Facebook Page.

Marilyn Myller; another spectacular short film from Mikey Please

The film is an ironic tale of creation, with the appropriate tagline: "Marilyn maketh, Marilyn taketh awayth" Mikey Please, director of one of IndieStreet's favorite animated shorts "Eagleman's Stag", has come up with another brilliant piece here. It is a funny thing with life and artistic creation...sometimes others will give appreciation to creative works when the artist least expects it, and typically the appreciation is not for what we intended as artists at all. Is creation stupid, or are the ones who perceive it stupid? Street Creds to Mikey Please and the whole staff at Parabella Studio; keep your wonderful craft and unique style of story telling alive!

DaLeast: Street Art Royalty

DaLeast has one of the most unique styles in the street art community, check that, the world. He is a Chinese born artist that lives and works in Cape Town and his art has blessed the concrete canvas of countless countries around the world. He is married to the respected street artist Faith47, making quite the inspirational creative power couple. Visit his website here or follow him on instagram here

"Dust", an awesomely cool depiction of a timeless tale.

We thought this film was one of the most innovative short films we have seen all year. Written and directed by Ben Ockrent & Jake Russell, the film has no dialogue, but that is one of the things that make the storytelling so impressive. It is a beautifully executed, tight journey that the directors bring us on, and the acting by two wonderful actors, specifically Alan Rickman, make this a short film that is surely one from the cream of this years crop.

Bacardi Untameable: A short doc from Sean Dunne

Check out this short doc commercial from our partner filmmakers Sean Dunne and Cass Greener.  Street Creds to Bacardi for making storytelling paramount, and picking a spectacular documentary director to get the job done.

Short Film: Living Like Kings

The Christchurch Earthquake left the majority of its population devastated, but for a small group of homeless people, disaster brought about new and luxurious living opportunities - a taste of what it’s like to live like a king.

Director, Zoe McIntosh gives us a brief, but intriguing look at the fragility of wealth, the staying power of natural disaster, and the old saying "one man's trash is another mans treasure."  The film is a part of 10, 3-minute documentaries from New Zealand titled Loading Docs.  Check them all out, they are all only 3 minutes, and all innovative in their own right!  Street Creds to New Zealand filmmakers!

This charming short had a budget of < $100 USD

"Russian Roulette" was created by Ben Aston while in pre-production on another film.  Even a short film with a cosmic element doesn't have to break the bank if the script is well thought out. Ben calls it a “nice parallel between emptiness of space and the loneliness one can experience when completely surrounded.” Loneliness is feeling that at times can be accentuated by a crowd. Check out Ben's directing website.