Featured Short: YES, GOD, YES

Ahh, AOL Instant Messenger. When I think about the good old days of my youth that I ironically never want to go back to, the first thing that pops into my head is AIM. The days of reckless, curious, ‘can I get these deleted from existence forever please’ chats and chat rooms. However, those were also the days of 'awakening'. If you’re of the right age to remember having an AIM chat name that probably reflected your sexii-ness 4eva or favorite (now gag worthy) alt/emo band lyrics, you too most likely have a memorable/life defining moment that is somehow connected to coming of age on an ever-expanding world wide web. The world was growing and yet becoming smaller and more accessible. You could discover anything and everything with a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse. Hell, you could even discover your own body and exactly how it works. This is exactly what happens in Karen Maine’s nostalgia-inducing recent Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere YES, GOD, YES. All it takes for our young protagonist is a not-so-innocent cyber request and the rewind button on a remote control to truly discover her own sexual awakening. In the short, 15-year-old Alice (played by the splendidly up-and-coming Natalia Dyer of I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS and STRANGER THINGS fame) has always been a good Catholic school girl, told sex is bad and confession of sins a necessity. But when an innocent AOL film chat room convo takes an unexpected, R-rated turn, she suddenly finds herself engrossed with masturbation and questioning the Catholic rules governing the enjoyment of her own body. If you can relate, you’ll find this understated yet spot-on short a total gem of nostalgic-proportions. And if you can’t personally relate but still enjoy throwing it back to the pre-social media/smartphone WWW days, the grating sound of dial-up internet connecting, Titanic or just a good ol' "A/S/L?" request, you’ll still adore YES, GOD, YES!