As Indiegogo heads to SXSW for their 9th year, they are set to celebrate their biggest year there yet! Thirteen of Indiegogo’s past successful film campaigns will be showcasing their finished products at the festival. The crowdedfunded alumni include everything from documentaries about Nazi art thieves to the first ever POV action film, HARDCORE HENRY. Indiegogo’s Head of Film, Marc Hofstatter, will also be speaking at two events at the conference, including a panel on distribution. Interested in learning more? Head over to Indiegogo and get a rundown of the lucky 13 films and more information about the film panel talks here.

James Merendino returns with a long awaited sequel to the indie colt classic SLC Punk. We had this project queued up to feature it for the last week of its campaign (starts today), and they have already reached their goal! Congratulations and we are highlighting it anyway...because the perks are bad ass and creative, and shit, it is still our favorite indie film campaign this week. Donate for the cause of SLC Punk!!!

Have your story turned into a one page comic

The comic compilation project, "One", is a wonderfully unique and engaging crowd funding campaign. Comic Artist Markus Friese is creating a hard cover book of one page comic stories, and donors to his campaign can inspire one of the stories. His featured level gives you a copy of the book and a poster of the one page comic that you inspired. Get involved with his project on IndieGogo here.

Our crowd funding campaign of the week, "The Shift" is an ambitious project that continues to tackle the aggregate shift in human philosophy and new evolution in our current transitional period in history. We love this project obviously for its content, but it is also worth noting that this crowd funding campaign is quite unique as well. It is a part of Indie Gogo's pilot program where certain campaigns can raise money without a time limit on the fundraising. It seems this program will soon be available to any project who completes its initial fundraising goal, with some minor adjustment in fees to keep campaign managers realistic with future goals. Support THE SHIFT IndieGogo Campagin or read a bit more on the Forever Funding Pilot Program on Tech Crunch