When one finds a mint condition Kalart Craig 16mm Projecto-Editor on the curb near the outside of the Library of Congress in DC, what does one do with it if there's no film to view and splice? I don’t know…how about build a retro arcade console with it?! This is what Douglas Welcome did when he happened upon a 16mm film editor outside of a house being gutted. Adding a color LCD, a 12 mm Broadcom SOC, USB hub, speakers, amplifier, vintage-style knobs and switches, and NES-style controllers, he created a newly converted arcade console that runs on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B and RetroPie platform. This is a match made in heaven for all you film and video game nerds. Next time you’re at the flea market or simply just walking down the street, make sure to be on the lookout. You never know what could make the next awesome arcade enclosure! Head here to learn more about the retro-projecto project.