Yesterday, we discovered Netflix’s mind-reading prototype called Mindflix. Like something out of a science fiction film, Mindflix’s sensors basically tap into your brain in order to recommend something for you to watch. Now, since this technology is not yet available on the market at this time, you might be looking for a little help in a more realistic sense. This is where Cinetrii comes in. The site connects you with films based on mentions of related work in film critic reviews. By tracing artistic lineage in film, it searches quotes from critics that compare a film in question to others that are similar or are influencers. Yes, it is a very specific type of curatorial help in navigating you towards similar films if you already know your tastes. Even if mainstream film critics aren’t necessarily your top source for discovery, why not at least give it a try and possibly uncover something new! We tried it out with our recent favorite "The Love Witch" and the suggestions were all pretty spot on recommendations! Looks like we've got a list of new films to watch! Fancy a try? Read more about Cinetrii over on Gizmodo!

Students Reinterpret Muybridge’s Iconic Galloping Horse

In the late 1800s, British photographer Eadweard Muybridge set out to settle a bet for the Governor of California. The Governor insisted that at a particular point of a horse's gallop, all feet are off the ground simultaneously. Muybridge succeeded in capturing a horse galloping by using 24 cameras triggered by trip wires. The Governor was proven right. Now animation students at Carnegie Mellon University are being inspired by this 100+ year old footage by reimagining it. From Burger King ketchup to aliens and unicorns, their reinterpretations do not disappoint. The technique they used is called rotoscoping. This is when an animator traces over film footage, frame by frame. Used often in cartoons from the 1930s, CMU students are putting a refreshing twist on the old technique by bringing iconic, pioneering footage to life in a whole new way. Check out the totally cool interpretations of a horse's gallop here!

Kit Tea in San Francisco is just another one of the many cat cafes springing up all over the country. Around $20 will get you an hour-long visit with the lounging kitties, where you have the opportunity to play, pet or even adopt one. A novel idea. Want to experience a cat cafe but don’t live near one or feel pretty strapped on cash? Well you’re in luck! Everything is Film has just released what they are claiming to be the “biggest cat video in the world”, made with a crazy 1 trillion pixels. You can spend two hours of virtual reality goodness inside the cat cafe by only going to youtube. Sure it doesn’t offer the tactile experience that cat cafes are so popular for, but hey, take what you can get! Everyone knows the secret formula to success is sometimes as simple as cat+youtube video. Whether you are allergic to cats or have two hours to kill, the may fit the bill. Not only can you experience VR in a unique way but also...cats!!! Get your supported app ready and check out the video here!