It seems these days the newest forms of tech are combining with musical instruments in magical ways. Remidi, a new startup that just launched a Kickstarter, is hoping to combine music with the hottest new tech trend, wearables, in order to create a glove instrument. To put it simply, Remidi’s T8 is a glove that makes sounds. Various sensors in the fingers or palm can be assigned to play as different notes, chords, or even samples. The glove is also a MIDI-controller, compatible with all the best sound software. Currently, the T8 is only available for sale as part of its Kickstarter campaign. The backing starts at $199, which will get you your very own wearable glove instrument. The T8 will cost a lot more once it’s on sale to the public, so better get onboard quick! Got a bad tapping habit or are people always telling you that you seem a bit fidgety? Why not read up more on the campaign and make those bad habits a musical masterpiece!