As they say: out with the old, in with the new. Well…sorta. Lomography has turned the saying on its head by turning the old into the new! Their new Daguerreotype Achromat lens, a f/2.9 64mm replica of the very first ever camera lens circa 1839, is now available for you photography buffs to purchase. The lens was originally designed for the first daguerreotypes back in the early 19th century but this modern version will work on three different DSLR mounts for Canon, Nikon, and Pentax. Adapters are available for other brands. Offering a softer edge and glow to your image, the new lens gives your photos a vintage look without a single use of a filter. With a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, it seems people are willing to trade in some modern convenience for a bit of the old ways. Want instagram worthy photos you can digitally back up yet still want to fulfill a bit of the nostalgia factor? Well, you can pre-order your lens for $499.00 here! Read more about the lens here.

Like with many elements of filmmaking, color helps a director set the mood of the story he is putting on screen. When you break down a film by its color palette, you learn a lot about what is being said below the surface of the story. Cinema Palettes is a unique twitter account that studies the different ways filmmakers have used color over the past few decades. The person behind the account isolates the colors and breaks the film down by hues, creating in a sense, a “homemade color palette”. From “Trainspotting” to Disney’s “Peter Pan”, color crosses the divide of decades, genres, and pretty much everything in between. It’s a fun way to look at analyzing both our favorite films and ones we’ve never thought to dig deeper into. Check out Cinema Palettes twitter page as well as Digital Trend’s list of the coolest color breakdowns.

In an exciting move, the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival will be hosting a series of virtual reality events and programming during this year’s festival, advancing future collaborations between VR and film.To touch on just a few of the offerings, the Tribeca Festival Hub will feature a total of 23 interactive VR installations and exhibitions from April 13th - 24th, with 16 of the films having their world premieres. In addition, the festival will also host a Virtual Arcade, open from April 18th - 20th, allowing attendees to try out new VR headsets.Read up more on some of the different events set to happen here.