Crowdfunding giant, Kickstarter, has just announced that one million people have collectively backed over 12,000 documentary film projects on their site over time, with 5,000 of those campaigns being successfully funded! These projects are being backed more than 600 times a day - that’s $120 million that has been pledged to documentaries alone! Seems crowdfunding is becoming a huge destination for reality-based film projects. And film lovers and regular people alike are wanting to see more! Read here and here for more info on the announcement.

Consider this slogan: “Brewgooder: ” Sound like a good deal? Well, you can help make that a reality! Brewgooder is the world’s first craft beer company that seeks to turn beer into clean drinking water in developing countries around the world. Their aim is to make a great beer, sell it and invest every single penny, all 100% of the profits, into clean water projects. Alan and Josh, the two buddies behind this UK based project, have launched an indiegogo campaign to help them on their quest to build a business that will provide you with awesome beer as well as help provide over 1,000,000 people access to clean water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene. Working with the already successful and innovative Scottish brewery, Brewdog, there is no question that the new beer they will develop will be absolutely worth the investment. Read here to learn more about the initiative and head on over to the Brewgooder campaign site to help spread the love. Donate and you could be one of the first to give this new beer a try!